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The Digital Contact Strategy Experts.

We help you talk to your customers and help them talk to you.
We provide bespoke software for digital letters, two-way chat via SMS, email, social messaging and webchat.

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Award-winning Contact Centre solutions. Let us show you how Saascoms technology can benefit you and your business.

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The UK's Leading Customer Contact Partner

Traditional communication methods such as Post and Call Centres are becoming more expensive, less efficient and outdated, failing to deliver an effective CX in today’s world. In addition, multi-channel Customer Service in the modern age is a challenge. From email to SMS, Social Media to Webchat, providing outstanding CX requires expert solutions. 

For over 20 years, Saascoms has been providing organisations with modern communications solutions. To date, our products are used by over 700 organisations around the world, delivering an improved CX.
Our Mailmaster and Omnireach products give organisations the ability to communicate with their customers seamlessly across multiple channels.

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  • Founded in 2004
  • ISO 27001 registered
  • In-house development and engineering
  • UK and Europe Coverage

Early in 2021, we conducted a survey with Credit Nation. Three-quarters of firms believe paper comms are now a thing of the past, chatbots and AI are the way forward.

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Saascoms solutions can be tailored to work with any business


Supporting Customer experience with self-service options, including billing queries, payments and product inquiries.

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Consumer Finance

Providing debt management communication tools for our Clients and self-service payment options for their customers.

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Multi-channel Customer service options to enhance purchase returns, shopper journey, promotions, and offers.

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Working hard to earn our customers' trust More Sectors

We have a contact strategy solution that puts you in touch with your customers, and your customers in touch with you.

Perfect solutions for your business

Saascoms comprises two core platforms Mailmaster and Omnireach. These two products allow you to communicate with your customers by opening both one-way and two-way channels of communication. Key benefits include:

  • Reduce costs with efficient and consolidated Customer comms
  • Increase contact with multiple comms channels
  • Secure SMS improves Customer engagement levels
  • AI increases workload capacity with minimal resources


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    • 12 July 2024

      World Emoji Day 2024: Celebrating the Universal Language of Emojis

      Emojis have transformed modern communication, becoming a universal language. Let’s look at their history, impact, and significance as we celebrate World Emoji Day 2024. World Emoji Day, founded by Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia in 2014, has become a major event. Every year on July 17th, we celebrate World Emoji Day, a global event dedicated to […]

    • 4 July 2024

      Saascoms’ Debt Collection Software: Powering Efficiency & Customer Experience

      Saascoms’ award-winning debt collection software – Omnireach and Mailmaster – can streamline operations and improve customer experience in the Credit and Collections industry. Omnireach, a conversational AI platform, automates tasks, resolves customer inquiries, and identifies vulnerabilities. Mailmaster facilitates secure communication and self-service options, reducing costs and improving engagement. The Credit and Collections industry must constantly […]

    • 26 June 2024

      Demographic Change and the Impact on the Credit & Collections Industry

      In a recent live event, The Comms Summit by Saascoms, experts discussed the impact of demographic change on the Credit and Collections industry. Here’s a look at the key findings and recommendations for the future. Demographic Change and the Credit and Collections Industry The UK’s population is growing and is expected to reach 73.7 million […]

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    You will have access to email and telephone service desk support and a dedicated Account Manager, who is always available to assist and advise.

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    Our support structure is tailored to your business requirements and location.
    Our UK-based helpdesk offers 24/7 service to our worldwide customers.

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    Saascoms is the leading digital engagement specialist in the UK, and its technology supports businesses in a wide range of sectors.

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