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Driving Conversions: The Power of SMS Marketing

SMS is the most reliable messaging channel, with a 95% open rate, so it’s no surprise that businesses in various industries rely on it for communication.

As businesses constantly seek to capture your attention and drive conversions to maximise ROI, SMS marketing is still the most engaging tool for communicating with customers and driving action. Let’s take a quick look at some effective strategies for optimising conversion rates through SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing Strategies

Crafting Compelling Messages for Maximum Impact

The success of SMS marketing hinges on crafting compelling messages that resonate with recipients. Your business can capture its audience’s attention and drive conversions by leveraging persuasive language, enticing offers, and clear calls-to-action (CTAs). Whether promoting a limited-time offer, announcing a flash sale, or inviting customers to an event, the key is delivering value and creating urgency.

Personalising Campaigns to Enhance Engagement

Personalisation plays a pivotal role in SMS marketing success. By segmenting your audience and tailoring messages based on preferences, behaviour, and demographics, businesses can deliver more relevant and targeted content to recipients. Personalised SMS messages are more likely to resonate with recipients, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Leveraging Timing and Frequency for Optimal Results

Timing and frequency are critical factors in SMS marketing effectiveness. Your business must strike the right balance between staying top-of-mind and avoiding message fatigue. By analysing data and understanding your audience’s behaviour, you determine the optimal times to send SMS messages and adjust the frequency accordingly. Whether sending reminders, alerts, or promotions, timing is crucial to driving conversions.

Enhancing Accessibility for All Audiences

Unlike other forms of digital marketing that require internet access or specific devices, SMS messages can reach a wide range of audiences, including those without smartphones or reliable internet connections. This accessibility ensures businesses can connect with customers across demographics, making SMS marketing an inclusive and effective communication channel. Whether targeting younger demographics who are constantly on their smartphones or reaching older audiences who prefer traditional communication methods, SMS marketing ensures that every customer is contactable, ultimately driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Implementing a Successful SMS Marketing Solution

Saascoms award-winning SMS Mailmaster solution has no set-up costs, training costs, commitments, or monthly hosting charges.
You pay for what you use per transaction.

SMS marketing strategies present a valuable opportunity for your business to drive conversions and maximise ROI. You can enhance engagement, boost conversions, and achieve marketing objectives by crafting compelling messages, personalising campaigns, and optimising timing and frequency. Embrace the power of Saascoms SMS marketing to unlock success and drive tangible results for your business.

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Maximising Impact: SMS Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits

As nonprofits constantly seek innovative ways to engage donors and raise funds for their causes, SMS fundraising has emerged as a powerful tool to connect with supporters instantly and drive donations effectively. Let’s explore effective SMS fundraising strategies tailored specifically for nonprofits.


Building a Strong Foundation: Establishing Your SMS Fundraising Campaign

Before diving into SMS fundraising, nonprofits must lay a solid foundation for their campaigns. This includes defining clear objectives, identifying target audiences, and establishing a compelling message that resonates with donors. By understanding the goals and audience preferences, nonprofits can tailor their SMS campaigns for maximum impact.

Engaging Donors with Compelling Content

The success of SMS fundraising hinges on delivering compelling content that inspires donors to take action. Nonprofits should craft concise yet impactful messages that highlight the urgency of their cause and communicate how donations will make a difference. Incorporating multimedia elements such as images or videos can enhance engagement and evoke emotions.

Leveraging Personalisation and Segmentation

Personalisation plays a crucial role in SMS fundraising success. Nonprofits can segment their donor lists based on donation history, interests, or demographics and tailor messages accordingly. By sending personalised texts addressing donors by name and referencing their past contributions, nonprofits can foster stronger connections and encourage repeat donations.

Driving Change with Saascoms SMS Fundraising Solutions

Saascoms customer contact solutions revolutionise nonprofit fundraising, empowering organisations to drive change and make a lasting impact. By leveraging Saascoms technology to establish clear objectives, personalise messaging, and communicate in real-time, nonprofits can maximise donor engagement and drive donations effectively.

Elevate Your Fundraising Efforts with Saascoms SMS Solutions

Saascoms is the Industry’s No. 1 Digital Contact Strategy Expert.
We help you talk to your customers, and help them talk to you.
We provide bespoke software for digital letters and two-way chat via SMS, email, social messaging and web chat.

Saascoms SMS solutions unlock new possibilities for donor engagement and impact. Start your journey with Saascoms today and take your fundraising campaigns to new heights of success.

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Real-time language translation for customer service

Breaking Language Barriers with Omnireach: A Truly Global Translation Solution for Customer Service

As the world’s languages become more and more commonplace, Saascoms Omnireach, an AI-driven translation service and global conversationalist, is here to help. Let’s look at the capabilities of Omnireach, which enables businesses to give customer support in real-time in 92 languages.

The Power of Omnireach: Translating the World in Real-Time

Omnireach stands as a testament to the evolution of customer service chatbots. With the ability to translate content into an impressive 92 languages on the fly, this solution opens the door to global customer service, ensuring that language is no longer a barrier between businesses and their customers. Designed to centralise non-voice communications, Omnireach integrates two-way messaging, agent ticketing, and a powerful AI chatbot called ‘Saasbot,’ ensuring easy and productive customer engagement across various platforms.

Saasbot resolves 87.1% of conversations on the first contact, and Saasbot typically resolves 29% of all interactions with a single response.

Seamless Communication Across Borders

The primary benefit of Omnireach lies in its ability to facilitate seamless communication across borders. Customers can engage with chatbots in their preferred language in real time, breaking down language barriers and creating a more inclusive and accessible customer service experience. Omnireach centralises non-voice communications to ensure businesses can efficiently manage web live chat, text messaging, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other social media platform.

Empowering Businesses with Multilingual Capabilities

Omnireach transforms customer service with Saasbot, the powerful multilingual AI tool. Businesses can confidently expand their reach to a global audience, addressing diverse customer bases without the need for manual translation processes. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and consistency in communication. With two-way messaging, agent ticketing, and the AI chatbot, Omnireach manages digital communications effortlessly, offering a comprehensive solution for customer engagement.

Embracing Global Connectivity with Omnireach

Saascom’s award-winning technology is a game-changer for customer service. By seamlessly translating content and centralising non-voice communications, businesses can break free from language limitations and connect with customers through a platform of their choice.

Elevate Your Conversations – Integrate Omnireach Today

Ready to revolutionise your customer service strategy? Embrace the global connectivity offered by Omnireach. Integrate this powerful translation solution into your business today and witness the transformation in customer engagement. Break language barriers and connect with a worldwide audience effortlessly.

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Transforming Customer Engagement: Unlocking the Benefits of Implementing Chatbots

Revolutionising Customer Interaction: The Power of Chatbot Implementation for Enhanced Customer Engagement

With customer engagement and customer communication ever-changing, businesses increasingly turn to chatbots as a strategic tool to enhance interactions and elevate overall customer satisfaction. Let’s delve into the transformative benefits that come with implementing chatbots.

Streamlining Operations for Efficiency Gains

One of the primary advantages of incorporating chatbots is the efficiency they bring to customer service operations. Chatbots excel at handling routine queries, providing quick and accurate responses, and freeing human agents to focus on more complex and value-driven tasks. This efficiency not only reduces response times but also optimises resource utilisation.

Personalised Interactions at Scale

Chatbots excel not only in efficiency but also in delivering personalised interactions at scale. Through advanced algorithms, chatbots can analyse customer data to tailor responses and recommendations, creating a more individualised experience. This personal touch fosters a stronger connection between businesses and customers, enhancing brand loyalty.

24/7 Availability for Uninterrupted Support

The beauty of chatbots lies in their round-the-clock availability. Unlike traditional customer service models constrained by working hours, chatbots operate 24/7, ensuring customers can seek assistance anytime. This accessibility not only meets the expectations of modern consumers but also contributes to heightened satisfaction and trust.

Elevate Customer Engagement with Chatbot Excellence

Implementing chatbots transcends mere automation; it’s a strategic move towards delivering exceptional customer experiences. The benefits are vast, from operational efficiency to personalised interactions and uninterrupted support. Embrace the chatbot revolution to elevate your customer engagement strategies.

Embrace Excellence – Implement Chatbots Today

Ready to redefine your customer engagement? Learn more about the benefits of  Saascoms Ominreach Chatbot technology and witness the transformation in efficiency and customer satisfaction. Integrate chatbots into your strategy today and set the stage for a future of unparalleled customer engagement.

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Inside Edge No.5

I want to thank all our clients, suppliers, and partners for their support in 2023.

2023 was a hugely successful year at Saascoms, benchmarked across several business metrics. We increased overall annual revenues by 37% against a backdrop of stagnant economic growth in the UK.
We have onboarded fantastic new clients and maintained a 100% retention rate.

Our digital software solutions, designed for Call Centre and Customer Experience environments continued to win awards. Firstly, the best ‘Contact Centre Solution’ at the Credit and Collections Awards and latterly, at the UK National Innovation Awards for ‘Best Online Self-Service Experience’. In each case, Omnireach, our conversational platform, won over the judges.

For me, the awards recognise the hard work our team has put into delivering our software platforms and the invaluable feedback we receive from our clients, which we listen to and then deliver on. Being successfully judged by a group of external experts ensures we are on the right journey.

In March 2024, we will celebrate our twentieth anniversary. I read that the average age for a company in the UK is 8.5 years, so I am proud of this milestone. That said, I feel like we are still at the beginning of our journey. We have so much to do, and our plans for 2024 are not to sit back and tread water. It will be a full-on year, with new services being launched and many more clients being onboarded.

Keep an eye out for our periodic newsletters and regular LinkedIn posts, where we share updates on Saascoms and industry and tech news.

Thank you for taking the time to support Saascoms, and I look forward to reporting on Q1 2024 in early April.

AI Regulation

Navigating the Future: UK Government’s AI Regulation Plans

Navigating the Future: UK Government’s AI Regulation Plans

In response to growing concerns about data security, human rights, and safety, the UK Government is taking decisive steps for AI regulation. The crux of these concerns lies in the potential biases AI systems may exhibit, especially when trained on vast datasets from the internet, often riddled with undesirable content such as racism and sexism.

AI Regulation

Saascoms Perspective: Shaping AI for Trust and Adoption

While some argue that regulation might impede technological progress, Saascoms contends it is necessary. We believe that regulatory measures will address the concerns mentioned above and contribute to shaping AI into a constructive force, fostering increased public trust and wider business adoption.

Ensuring Compliance: Beyond Data Control

Saascoms emphasises the importance of utilising controlled datasets to enhance compliance with regulations. However, there are additional factors to consider in the AI landscape.

Safe & Secure: Managing Information Security Risks

Proving effective management of information security risks related to AI, including physical security against hacking and data loss, is crucial. Understanding the origins of datasets, especially those from Large Language Models, adds another layer of significance.

Transparency: Illuminating Decision-Making Processes

Organisations should transparently explain when and how their AI systems make decisions, addressing risks in the process. This transparency should be seamlessly integrated into the compliance function of a business.

Fairness: Aligning with Legal and Ethical Standards

Compliance with UK laws, such as the Equality Act and GDPR, is imperative. It is vital that AI engines do not discriminate, particularly when using open-source data that might not align with GDPR requirements. The focus should be on generating fair outcomes for all.

Accountability: Understanding and Demonstrating Responsible AI Use

Maintaining visibility and oversight regarding AI usage is crucial for compliance. Organisations must comprehend how AI is utilised and regularly assess whether it operates as intended, showcasing accountability for outcomes.

Contestability: Providing Avenues for Dispute Resolution

Establishing a documented process for customers to dispute AI outcomes is essential. This ensures that the AI’s fairness and equality can be stress-tested upon request, contributing to a more robust and accountable system.

Saascoms: Pioneers in Conversational AI

Saascoms, a UK-based conversational AI business, stands at the forefront of digital innovation. Recognised with the Credit & Collections Technology Awards for Artificial Intelligence in 2021 and 2022, Saascoms Mail Master and Omnireach software platforms are trusted by over 700 organisations globally.


As the UK Government takes strides towards regulating AI, it is evident that a comprehensive approach is necessary. Saascoms perspective highlights that considerations such as information security, transparency, fairness, accountability, and contestability are vital for responsible AI development beyond controlled datasets.

Explore Saascoms award-winning AI solutions for yourself. Join the forefront of digital transformation by incorporating Mail Master and Omnireach into your organisation’s operations.

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Transforming Retail: The Power of SMS for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Revolutionising Customer Engagement: SMS in Retail

Customer expectations constantly evolve, and businesses are exploring innovative ways to enhance customer engagement. This article delves into the transformative power of SMS in retail, highlighting its potential to redefine customer interactions and boost overall satisfaction.


Leveraging Personalisation through SMS

Personalisation is key in the competitive retail space. SMS provides a direct and personalised channel for businesses to communicate with their customers. Retailers can leverage customer data to send targeted messages, such as personalised promotions, product recommendations, and exclusive offers. This tailored approach captures customers’ attention and strengthens the bond between the brand and the consumer.

Timely Alerts for Increased Customer Satisfaction

In the fast-paced world of retail, timely communication is crucial. SMS enables businesses to send real-time alerts, such as order updates, shipping notifications, and personalised reminders. This instant communication keeps customers informed and enhances their overall satisfaction by providing a seamless and transparent shopping experience.

Opt-In SMS Marketing: Building Trust and Loyalty

Opt-in SMS marketing allows customers to subscribe to receive updates from their favourite brands willingly. This voluntary engagement fosters a sense of trust and transparency between the brand and the consumer. By respecting the customer’s preferences, retailers can avoid the pitfalls of intrusive marketing and instead build lasting relationships based on mutual consent.

Embracing the Future of Retail

As technology continues to shape the retail landscape, embracing SMS as a communication tool is a strategic move for businesses looking to stay ahead. SMS’s simplicity and ubiquity make it a powerful medium to reach a wide audience, ensuring that important messages cut through the noise and capture the customer’s attention.


In conclusion, integrating SMS into retail strategies represents a significant leap forward in customer engagement. The personalised nature of SMS, coupled with timely alerts and opt-in marketing, creates a harmonious relationship between retailers and consumers. As businesses continue to adapt to the ever-changing retail environment, harnessing the power of SMS is not just an option—it’s a necessity.

Are you ready to revolutionise your retail engagement? Explore the potential of SMS marketing and transform how you connect with your customers. Start your SMS journey today with Saascoms for a more personalised and effective approach to customer engagement.

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Unlocking Conversational AI: A Comprehensive Guide to Transform Your Business

Are you considering integrating Conversational AI into your business strategy? Delve into this comprehensive guide to uncover the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its ability to revolutionise your digital communication channels.

Understanding AI

In Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer software and systems development aim to replicate tasks traditionally requiring human intelligence. These tasks encompass problem-solving, natural language comprehension, pattern recognition, and decision-making.

Approaches to AI Implementation

Tag-Based Processing:

Utilising keywords to identify conversation themes, triggering preset workflows. Despite its perceived simplicity, this approach can yield significant results when effectively applied.

Example: Tagged word “Illness” → Theme “Vulnerability” → Outcome: Direct communication to a high-priority vulnerability queue.

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

NLP involves reading and understanding the intent and sentiment of a conversation. A confidence score is assigned, and if it meets a predetermined threshold (e.g., 90% confidence), the AI resolution process proceeds.

Machine Learning:

As a subset of AI, Machine Learning entails training algorithms on large datasets (Large Language Models or LLMs) to learn patterns and make predictions based on continuously updated data from conversations.

Sourcing Data for Conversational AI

Acquiring the correct data is crucial to implement a successful Conversational AI strategy. Options include:

Open Source Data:

Obtained from public records like research institutes, universities, government agencies, and social media.

Closed Source Data:

Proprietary datasets are not openly available, often owned by the organisation or obtained from a company with its LLM dataset.

Business Benefits of Conversational AI

When leveraged effectively, Conversational AI acts as a gatekeeper for digital communication channels, boosting productivity by freeing up valuable human resources. It excels at handling routine tasks and enhancing customer service, such as checking order status, balances, and frequently asked questions.

Saascoms Recommendations for Success

Define Clear Objectives:

Establish standardised processes and identify pain points in customer communications. Clarify your goals and assess how AI can address these challenges.

Select the Right Partner:

Choose a tech partner experienced in developing controlled AI data. Collaborate to achieve your Conversational AI goals without requiring extensive in-house expertise.

Set ROI Expectations:

Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of implementing Conversational AI, considering factors such as manual task costs, potential errors, and the impact on customer experience.

Saascoms Award-Winning Solutions

At Saascoms, we believe in the transformative power of Conversational AI and have invested in cutting-edge technology, making us pioneers in the UK. Our recommendations for successful implementation include:

  • Starting with one digital channel.
  • Utilising closed-source data.
  • Initially focusing on Tag-Based processing and NLP.

Conversational AI is a valuable service that, when implemented strategically, significantly enhances operational efficiency and the customer experience. Partner with Saascoms to embark on your AI journey and unlock the full potential of Conversational AI.

And did you know we used AI to write and optimise this blog!

Make contact, and let’s discuss how Saascoms and our award-winning technology can help your business.

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Keeping Great Results a Secret

Cost saving, increased efficiency, and improved customer experience: a Saascoms client case study…

The business sectors in which some of our clients work and the sensitive nature in which they have to deal with their customers mean we are not able to reference them when reporting how effective our solutions have been.

For the purpose of demonstrating and being able to shout about the results our clients are telling us about, from here on in, we will call them ClientX.


ClientX has been serving customers for over 40 years, taking a fair, honest, and understanding approach to the emotive subject of debt recovery. Recently, they were looking to improve customer engagement rates, reduce costs, and improve the overall service they offered to both clients and customers.

ClientX said that their main way of getting in touch with people is still through letters, which are expensive, hard to track when they get delivered, and whose open and response rates are all over the place and hard to measure.

At this point, Saascoms was brought in to look at how the customer experience could be both streamlined and enhanced. Following a thorough review and consultation, the Saascoms team helped develop a Digital Contact Solution that would include customer contact through SMS, Email and Digital Letter.

The results were phenomenal and instant. The Saascoms digital customer journey improved the return on investment for ClientX by 8X, a huge cost saving for the business. Customer response rates were also maintained.

Commenting on the partnership, the Managing Director of ClientX said, “We had expected to save some cost, but nothing like the numbers we have seen by working with Saascoms. Customers are happy, clients are happy, and we are happy. In addition, the introduction of digital solutions has the added benefit of being aligned with our environmental goals.

Physical Letters
In one campaign, they sent 22,500 letters at a cost of 73p per letter, for a total cost of £16,425.00. These resulted in 1701 inbound calls, so the cost per inbound call is £9.66 per call. This is per year.

Saascoms Services
119,067 messages are made up of SMS journeys, email journeys, and basic SMS. 38,556 were SMS journeys and charged at 7.5p, and the balance was charged at 2.5p, so the total cost from us is £4716.00. This resulted in 3921 inbound calls, so it cost just £1.20 per call.

Another interesting comparison is to map the spend, i.e., if you spent the same £16,425.00 across the Saascoms services (same blend as above), it would result in 13,686 inbounds compared to 1701 from paper letters, making it more than 8 times more effective as a ROI.

About Saascoms

Saascoms has been developing digital contact solutions for over 20 years, and the Credit and Collections industry is a speciality. Saascom solutions are proven and, as a result, have won several awards, but in the case of ClientX, the results were one of the best ever seen.

Saascoms has been the pioneer of digital letters, digital appointments via SMS, mixed number formatting validation, mobile payment portals, multi-channel communication platforms, and white-label digital solutions.

Saascoms works with organisations to enable customers to make contact over social media, Chat, Email and other non-voice communications. This means customers can contact organisations 24/7/365, and using our advanced AI, many of the queries are solved without needing human intervention. Saascoms software is developed in the UK, which ensures quality and security.

Saascoms supports organisations across the UK, Europe, North America, and Australasia. Clients include Amex, Tesco Bank, Virgin Money, and Shell.

Make contact, and let’s discuss a contract strategy that will get you instant results.

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The Erosion of Customer Support in Online Transactions

In a digital age, where convenience and efficiency drive consumer choices, online transactions have become the norm. Whether it’s insurance policies, holiday bookings, or interactions with utility companies, the virtual business is bustling with activity.

However, this shift has also brought forth a significant challenge in the erosion of what is seen as acceptable customer support. Unlike face-to-face interactions in a brick-and-mortar setting, online platforms often fall short of providing the necessary support to their customers after the initial transaction.

Many companies, especially in sectors like insurance, brokerage, holiday bookings, or any booking engine business where everything is built around automated processes, fail to maintain a high standard of customer support post-transaction. This lapse results in dissatisfied customers and tarnishes a brand’s reputation. Customers expect seamless, immediate assistance when issues arise, and meeting these expectations is crucial for customer retention and business growth.

Customer relationships are fundamentally the same, although methods of communication have changed over time. Historically, face-to-face, by letter or telephone, were the only ways for customers to contact an organisation. Now, we have social media, SMS, instant messaging, email, web chat, and electronic ticketing.

Customers expect a variety of contact options. In research, the majority of customers prefer non-voice contact: 32% choose SMS, 26% email, and 18% live chat.

The challenge for organisations is to enable customers to communicate the way they want while centralising multiple communication strands. For example, a customer might chase up an outstanding order by text, then email, and finally by phone. When the call is answered, the customer assumes all prior communications are available to the agent rather than repeating previous communications.

A further challenge for organisations is compliance with data, security, and industry legislation while at the same time providing a customer experience that isn’t bureaucratic or admin-heavy. 

Bridging the Gap with Saascoms: Excellence in Customer Support Redefined

This is where Saascoms shines. With its cutting-edge customer support solutions, Saascoms is revolutionising how businesses handle customer support in online transactions. Regardless of the size of the business or the sector it operates in, Saascoms offers tailored customer support solutions that prioritise efficiency, personalisation, and satisfaction.

Developed by Saascoms in the UK, Omnireach is a multi-channel platform that centralises non-voice communication into one screen, simplifying customer engagement. Providing two-way messaging with ticketing allocation, Omnireach manages digital communications, whether live Web Chat, Text Messaging, Email, WhatsApp, Messenger or Social Media Platform.

Omnireach provides a single view of digital channels, giving a straightforward window to outstanding enquiries, making it easy to assign conversations and assist customers promptly. Agents can access customer profiles, spelling and grammar support, conversational history, language translation, customer history and library responses.

At the heart of Omnireach is a powerful and trainable AI called ”Saasbot” that communicates in 92 languages and analyses conversations using sentiment, key phrases, and natural language processing (NLP). Saasbot is contextually aware and, through machine learning, becomes progressively smarter.

The AI engine has monitored and analysed over 120 million conversations and agent responses, ensuring the NLP engine has a 93.7% intent and sentiment match success rate. This makes it possible for the AI to identify up to 84% of the customer intentions at the adoption stage.

Saasbot information can be obtained from CRM, delivering information to customers in real time. Examples include Saasbot actioning an identity and verification of the customer before sensitive or vulnerable information is given or the chat is passed to a live agent.

The Power of Award-Winning Technology: AI and Machine Learning at Your Service

Saascoms customer support solutions technology is not just innovative; it’s award-winning. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Saascoms ensures that inbound customer inquiries are handled swiftly and accurately. AI algorithms analyse customer queries, enabling businesses to provide relevant, helpful, and timely responses. This intelligent automation not only enhances efficiency but also frees up human resources to focus on more complex customer issues, further elevating the overall customer experience.

Benefits of Omnireach for Organisations

The main benefits for organisations using Omnireach customer support solutions are as follows:

  • Cost Reduction organisations benefit from efficient and consolidated customer communications, using Saasbot to filter and redirect enquiries. Of particular benefit to Call Centres is determining agent numbers and training requirements.
  • Accuracy increased by using a multi-platform solution with ticketed query management. That is, everything is in one place (in terms of customer communication).
  • Vulnerability identified with speed and accuracy using the Omnireach Chatbot. Keywords and phrases are identified early in the Saasbot conversation and can be redirected quickly and appropriately.
  • Engagement increased by providing customers with the communications channel of their choice.
  • Compliance is ensured as Saascoms holds ISO27001, G-Cloud, ASCB and ACAS accreditation.
  • White Label solution whereby Omnireach may be rebranded for Saascoms partners.

Benefits of Omnireach for Customers

The main benefits for customers using Omnireach customer support solutions are as follows:

  • Choice and flexibility of both communication channels (email, social media, WhatsApp, Text, etc) and timing: the Saasbot is 24/7. Ultimately, this is the perfect solution for customers as the CX is on their terms and timescales.
  • Speed of Response: the customer will receive a rapid response from Saasbot or an agent. The CX is instant, as the customer is unaware of the switch between Saasbot and the agent.
  • Seamless Communication: Omnireach hosts previous customer communication in one place to make it easy for the agent to understand the conversation thread between the organisation and the customer.
  • Faster Resolution: the information is consolidated; therefore, the solution is quicker to determine by either Saasbot or an agent.
  • Automated & Self Serving: the AI engine has analysed over 120 million conversations and agent responses, ensuring a 93.7% intent and sentiment match success rate. This makes it possible for the AI to identify up to 84% of the customer intentions at the adoption stage.
  • Secure: Saascoms hold ISO 27001. Furthermore, they are accredited by both ASCB and UKAS and approved on the G-Cloud13 framework – a requirement for businesses dealing with the UK Government.

Elevate Your Customer Support with Saascoms

In the realm of online transactions, exceptional customer support is non-negotiable. Companies that invest in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction even after the initial transaction are the ones that thrive. Saascoms understands this imperative and offers unparalleled technology solutions that bridge the gap between customer expectations and reality.

Embracing Saascoms award-winning technology means embracing a future where customer support is not just a service but an experience. Whether your business is in the educational, retail, hospitality, utility or consumer finance sector, Saascoms tailors its solutions to suit your needs, ensuring that your customers receive the support they deserve.

Since its launch in 2017, Omnireach has seen continuous development, adopted by industry sectors including Banking, Utility, Charity and Retail. Features include IT integration within 24-72 hours, scalability and flexibility, bespoke development and 24-hour support.

Experience the Future of Customer Support with Saascoms!

Ready to transform your customer support? Embrace the future with Saascoms. Contact us to learn more about our innovative solutions and how they can benefit your business. Let Saascoms empower you to provide exceptional service for every customer.
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