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SMS Grey Routes vs Direct Routes – What happened to my text?

SMS Grey Routes vs Direct Routes
What happened to my text?

In this article, we explore the critical differences between grey routes and direct routes for SMS delivery, shedding light on why our text messages fail to turn up and why choosing premium routes is vital for your business.

Grey Routes: A Risky Business

Grey routes are a cost-effective yet unreliable way to exploit the vulnerabilities in telecommunications networks. They enable the transmission of bulk SMS messages at a fraction of the actual delivery cost between international mobile carriers. This process involves messages originating in one country and routed through various overseas networks before reaching their intended recipient. This complex journey serves to mask the origin of the message from mobile networks.

While not technically illegal, grey routing is widely regarded as unethical. It bypasses interconnection fees owed to relevant networks, taking advantage of a service intended for travellers to use their phones overseas.

This practice can result in cheaper bulk SMS rates, but at a considerable cost:

  • Security Liability: Messages sent via grey routes are vulnerable to interception, copying, or alteration, posing a risk to recipients and compromising data security.
  • Network Stress: High volumes of bulk messages can strain grey routes, affecting legitimate users of the channel and leading to unreliable message delivery.
  • Route Shutdown: Host networks may shut down grey routes when they become aware of the practice, causing permanent message loss.
  • Message Loss: Many messages sent via grey routes stall, get lost, or get blocked, never reaching their intended destination.
  • Lack of Delivery Receipts: Grey routing typically lacks delivery receipts, leaving senders in the dark about the message delivery status. In instances seen, “grey” routes often fraudulently falsify delivery reports, meaning management information is inaccurate, and your actual cost per SMS is much higher.

Direct Routes: The Saascoms Approach

Saascoms takes a different approach by exclusively using high-quality direct routes, often referred to as “white” routes. All our SMS communications are sent via a Tier 1, on-net SMS with direct termination onto the in-country mobile networks.

Direct routes ensure that business SMS traffic, or Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic, adheres to host network protocols. Host networks prefer A2P messages to be transmitted through channels with established wholesale roaming agreements. These specialised mobile channels are designed for business messaging, offering a robust infrastructure capable of handling high volumes of messages with speed and reliability.

Through direct routes, host networks can accurately track message origin and destination, ensuring their services are safeguarding customers from potential threats like malware, spam, and poor service quality.

How to Identify the Use of Grey Routes

Identifying the use of grey routes is essential for businesses seeking reliable SMS communication. Some indicators include:

Unusually Low Prices: Extremely low SMS prices indicate the use of grey routes.

Unscrupulous Providers: In some cases, providers charge premium prices for direct routes but send messages via grey routes, profiting from the price difference.

Top Tip: Seed your own company mobile numbers when testing providers – use mobile numbers that the provider may not be aware of, and check the SenderID and delivery success.

To ensure your SMS provider delivers messages through direct routes, inquire about their routing practices. By selecting a premium SMS provider that exclusively uses direct routes, your business benefits from:

  • Swift and Guaranteed Delivery
  • Reliability
  • Enhanced Security
  • Authentic Sender IDs
  • Protection Against Spam and Malicious Content

Saascoms: Your Partner for Premium SMS Services

We operate with integrity and transparency, providing unparalleled customer service. We collaborate with top host networks around the world to deliver your messages securely and seamlessly.

The choice between grey routes and premium SMS text routes is pivotal. At Saascoms, we prioritise quality and reliability, offering our clients the assurance of premium SMS text routes for their messaging needs.

Saascoms is an industry leader offering a wide range of business communication services.
Let’s discuss how we can help improve your customer communications with our award-winning range of contact solutions.

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Saascoms 2023 Credit & Collections Technology Awards Shortlist

It’s that time of year again when we dust off the Tux for the next round of awards ceremonies.

We have been shortlisted for 7 categories in this year’s Credit & Collections Technology Awards.


Saascoms have been shortlisted for seven of the categories they entered in the 2023 Credit & Collections Technology Awards.

The awards celebrate the companies that have consistently raised the bar and pushed the profession forward through innovation.

The 2023 Awards will be held on Thursday, November 23rd.

The Awards were launched in 2017 to reward technological innovation within the industry. The Awards highlight the success of companies and individuals who lead the way in enhancing credit and collections technology.

Now in its seventh year, the 2023 ceremony will celebrate the best in lending and collections innovations. Over the last five years, the awards program has expanded to recognise the development of technology, with new awards categories focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning added to last year’s category list, which was won by Saascoms.

  • Saascoms nominated and shortlisted categories 2023:
  • Machine Learning in Credit & Collections solution
  • Best Use of Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence in Credit & Collections solution
  • Vulnerable Customer Identification & Screening solution
  • Customer Engagement solution
  • Contact Centre solution
  • Technology Team of the Year

We hope to build on our previous successes and will report back after this year’s judging.

Transforming Charity Call Centres with Omnireach: A Game-Changer for Donor Engagement

Transforming Charity Call Centres with Omnireach: A Game-Changer for Donor Engagement

Charity call centres are pivotal in raising funds and supporting countless noble causes. Yet a complex web of challenges and hurdles lies beneath the surface of their commendable work. From the ever-evolving regulatory landscape to the constant need for engaging donors and volunteers to manage resources efficiently, ensuring every call makes a meaningful impact, these call centres face various difficulties that demand attention and innovative solutions.

In this article, we’ll look at how to maximise opportunity and management of inbound communications and keep donors engaged with Saascoms Omnireach. 

Unveiling the Power of Omnireach – Donor Engagement Reimagined

Donor engagement lies at the heart of every charity’s success. Omnireach reimagines this crucial aspect with its innovative features.

Personalised Outreach: Omnireach harnesses the power of data analytics to personalise donor interactions. By understanding donor preferences and history, charity call centres can tailor their conversations, making every call feel like a warm, personal connection.

Multi-Channel Communication: Omnireach integrates all in-bound non-voice communication channels, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or any other social media, into a unified platform. This enables call centres to reach donors through their preferred choice of communication, increasing engagement rates.

Real-time Insights: The platform provides real-time analytics, allowing call centre agents to adapt their approach in real-time. This data-driven approach ensures that every call is optimised for success.

Efficiency and Resource Management

In the charity sector, resources are precious, and efficient management is crucial.

Workflow Automation: Omnireach streamlines call centre operations with workflow automation. The system handles routine tasks, freeing agents to focus on meaningful donor interactions.

Resource Optimisation: The platform’s intelligent routing system ensures that calls are directed to the most suitable agents, maximising efficiency and minimising call duration.

Scalability: As charities grow, so do their call centre needs. Omnireach is designed to scale seamlessly, accommodating the evolving requirements of charity organisations.

The Impact on Charity Call Centres

Real-world Benefits

The impact of Omnireach on charity call centres is tangible and transformative.

Increased Donor Retention: Personalised interactions and timely follow-ups result in higher donor retention rates. Donors feel valued and are more likely to continue their support.

Enhanced Fundraising: With Omnireach’s data-driven approach, charity call centres can fine-tune their fundraising strategies. This leads to increased donations and more effective campaigns.

Cost Savings: Efficient resource management reduces operational costs. Charities can allocate funds where they matter most – towards their mission.


In the charity sector, the role of call centres is pivotal. Saascoms Omnireach has emerged as an award-winning solution for charity call centres, offering a comprehensive solution to engage donors effectively, manage resources efficiently, and maximise impact.

With little technical overhead and a set-up typically taking 48 hours, you can benefit from Omnireach sooner than you think.

With Omnireach, every call becomes an opportunity to change lives and make a difference.

Contact Saascoms to schedule a demo and discover how Omnireach can transform your charity’s mission into a reality.

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Enhancing Customer Service Operations: Overcoming Email Management Challenges with Saascoms Omnireach

With the ever-increasing number of communication channels now available, businesses face numerous challenges managing inbound messages from their customers.

Efficient communication is crucial for success, especially in customer service, business process outsourcing, and contact centre management sectors. However, these industries often grapple with a common challenge: managing a high volume of emails effectively.

 Email ManagementThe Email Management Conundrum

The influx of Emails: Navigating the Overwhelming Tide

In customer service, business process outsourcing, and call centre management, emails are a staple mode of communication. However, the sheer volume of incoming emails can quickly become overwhelming, leading to delays in response times and the potential mismanagement of crucial customer interactions.

Organisational Chaos: Struggles with Categorisation and Prioritisation

One of the primary hurdles in these sectors is categorising and prioritising emails appropriately. Without a streamlined system, important messages might get lost in the clutter, resulting in missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

Tracking and Accountability: The Challenge of Monitoring Progress

Efficient email management involves not just responding promptly but also tracking the progress of each communication. Companies often need help monitoring the status of various email threads, which can lead to confusion among team members and hinder seamless collaboration.

Introducing Saascoms Omnireach: A Game-Changing Solution

Revolutionising Communication: The Power of Saascoms Omnireach

Amid these challenges, Saascoms offers a groundbreaking solution – Omnireach. This innovative product is designed to streamline email management in customer service, business process outsourcing, and call centre management. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that transform how companies handle their communication channels.

Unifying Communication Channels: OmniReach’s Multi-Platform Integration

Omnireach integrates seamlessly with multiple communication platforms, centralising all incoming emails and non-voice communication, including social messaging, SMS and WhatsApp, into a unified dashboard. This technology not only simplifies access but also ensures that no message goes unnoticed, eliminating the risk of missing emails.

Intelligent Automation: Streamlining Categorisation and Prioritisation

The product’s intelligent automation capabilities categorise and prioritise emails based on predefined parameters. This ensures that urgent inquiries are immediately flagged, allowing teams to allocate resources effectively and respond to critical issues promptly.

Real-time Tracking and Analytics: Empowering Informed Decision-Making

Omnireach’s real-time tracking and analytics provide a bird’s-eye view of all ongoing email interactions. Managers can monitor the progress of each thread, enabling better collaboration, identifying bottlenecks, and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Email Management

Saascoms Omnireach emerges as a game-changer, offering an all-encompassing platform that unifies communication channels, automates categorisation, and provides real-time tracking. By addressing these challenges head-on, Omnireach empowers companies to elevate their customer service game, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth.

Elevate your customer service, enhance collaboration, and stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape. Your customers deserve the best – give them a seamless communication experience with Omnireach.

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Navigating the Future of Credit Collections: Overcoming Challenges in the Digital Era

In an increasingly digital world, the credit and collections sector is facing a myriad of challenges. As technology continues to advance, it is crucial for businesses in this sector to adapt and find innovative solutions to ensure success and maintain positive customer relationships.

In this article, we will explore some of the biggest challenges facing the credit and collections sector in the future and discuss how can assist your business in overcoming these hurdles.

1. Digital Transition:
With the ongoing digital revolution, traditional credit collection methods are rapidly becoming obsolete. The shift towards digital payments and online transactions has created new challenges for the credit and collections sector. Embracing digital tools and platforms is essential for streamlining debt collection processes, ensuring efficiency, and keeping up with the evolving landscape.

2. Customer Engagement:
Another major challenge for the credit and collections sector is engaging customers effectively. As more users expect personalised experiences and communication tailored to their needs, credit collection agencies must adopt customer-centric approaches. Building meaningful relationships and providing clear, transparent communication throughout the credit collection process is vital to improving customer satisfaction and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

3. Technology Investment:
Investing in the right technology is paramount to staying competitive in the credit and collections sector. From advanced analytics and machine learning to automate and optimise collection strategies to cloud-based platforms that allow seamless access to data, technology plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges faced by the credit collection sector. Leveraging cutting-edge technology can boost operational efficiency and improve overall performance.

4. Omnichannel Approach:
Customers today expect to communicate through various channels based on their preferences. Adapting to an omnichannel approach is essential for success. This means providing multiple communication channels such as phone, email, text, and social messaging, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Credit and collections agencies must be able to track customer interactions across numerous channels and provide consistent service to enhance engagement and increase debt recovery rates.

5. Personalised Communication:
The sector must move away from generic, one-size-fits-all communication to effectively engage with customers. Personalisation is critical in building trust and rapport. By leveraging data and analytics, it is possible to tailor communication strategies to match the preferences and needs of individual customers. This personalised approach can lead to improved customer satisfaction and higher recovery rates.

6. Utilisation of AI:
In the future, the credit and collections sector will increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to address its challenges. AI offers many benefits, including automating repetitive tasks, enhancing decision-making processes, and improving efficiency. By leveraging AI algorithms and machine learning models, vast amounts of data can be analysed to gain insights into debtor behaviours and trends, allowing them to develop more effective collection strategies.
AI can also assist in predicting and identifying accounts that are likely to default or require special attention. Predictive analytics allow collectors to prioritise their efforts and allocate resources more efficiently, resulting in higher recovery rates. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide instant customer support, answer frequently asked questions, and guide customers through the debt resolution process. This improves customer engagement and frees up human agents to focus on more complex tasks.

Is Your Business Prepared?
As the challenges in the credit and collections sector continue to evolve, it is crucial to assess your business’s readiness to adapt to these changes. Ensuring you have the right tools and strategies can make all the difference in success in the collections sector.

Saascoms understands the unique challenges that the credit and collections sector faces. Our innovative multi-award-winning software solutions provide a comprehensive platform to help your business overcome these obstacles. Our software offers advanced digital tools, customer-focused engagement features, cutting-edge technology integrations, omnichannel support, and personalised communication capabilities.

By implementing Saascoms solutions into your credit and collection processes, you can streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, optimise technology utilisation, and improve overall collection recovery performance.
Don’t wait any longer – get ahead of the game and ensure your business is prepared for the future of credit collections.

Make contact to arrange a demonstration and to discuss how we can help.

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Solving Contact Centre Challenges with Saascoms Omnireach

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer service, call centres find themselves at a crossroads of challenges that demand innovative solutions.

Are your agents struggling to manage customer interactions across multiple channels?
Is resource management a constant challenge, making allocating support effectively difficult? Are you losing track of customer communications, leading to inefficiencies and frustrated customers? If these issues resonate with your contact centre, Saascoms Omnireach has the perfect solution to revolutionise your operations and elevate customer experiences.

Unified Communication Channels: A Seamless Solution for Multiple Channels

Is managing customer communications across various platforms a headache for your contact centre?
The answer lies in Omnireach’s unified communication platform. This ingenious solution centralises all forms of chat, including web chat, SMS, email, WhatsApp, and social media messaging. Imagine providing your agents with a single, cohesive view of all digital channels, simplifying their tasks and streamlining interactions. With Omnireach, customers can communicate through their preferred channel and even switch during the interaction, eliminating the need for repetitive identity validation.

Resource Management Made Effortless

Is resource management posing a constant challenge in your contact centre?
Omnireach steps in as the game-changing solution. With a seamless interface centralising all communication channels, Omnireach empowers agents to self-assign conversations and promptly assist customers. This self-management capability optimises your workforce’s performance and ensures inquiries are handled swiftly and effectively. Whether addressing website chatbot queries, responding to emails, or handling social messages, Omnireach equips your agents with the tools they need to excel in resource management.

Customer Communications: Maintain Clarity and Control

Do you need help keeping track of customer communications?
Omnireach ensures that your team is well-informed and equipped to provide personalised and efficient service by providing agents access to customer profiles, interaction history, and language translation. Imagine having access to customer data, such as previous purchases and support history, before engaging with a customer. This foresight enables your agents to assess callers’ needs swiftly and deliver exceptional service with unparalleled clarity.

A Personalised Response to Fragmented Channels

Is fragmented communication across different channels impacting the quality of your customer interactions?
Omnireach offers the perfect solution. By centralising all forms of chat into one clear and straightforward window, Omnireach eradicates the issue of fragmented communication. Agents can seamlessly switch between channels without losing context, providing consistent and coherent responses to customers. Say goodbye to confusion and fragmented interactions – Omnireach ensures that your customers receive a seamless and personalised response, irrespective of the channel they choose to communicate through.

Unlocking a Seamless Future with Omnireach

When it comes to overcoming the challenges faced by contact centres, Saascoms Omnireach is a comprehensive solution that empowers your team, enhances customer experiences, and revolutionises operational efficiency. With a unified communication platform, resource management empowerment, customer profile insights, and the eradication of fragmented communication, Omnireach creates a seamless future for your contact centre.

Discover the power of Omnireach today and redefine how your contact centre engages with customers – a future where challenges transform into opportunities for growth, efficiency, and unparalleled customer service.

Join over 700 brands already using Omnireach to create an outstanding Customer Experience.

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Enhancing Communication for Financial Services Consumers

Improve Customer Engagement with Omnireach: Enhancing Communication for Financial Services Consumers

A recent report from the UK’s financial watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has highlighted a concerning issue – a staggering 7.4 million consumers were unsuccessful in their attempts to contact their financial services providers in the 12 months leading up to May 2022.

This lack of effective communication can significantly impact consumers, particularly the most vulnerable in society, who are more likely to struggle when trying to reach their banks or other providers.

The FCA’s Financial Lives survey of over 19,000 people has further emphasised the importance of addressing this problem. To tackle the issue and improve customer engagement, the FCA has implemented a new Consumer Duty. The Consumer Duty mandates that consumers receive communications they can understand, products and services that cater to their needs and provide fair value, and access to the necessary customer support.

While these new regulations are a step in the right direction, financial services providers must proactively improve customer communication. One solution that can significantly enhance customer engagement is Omnireach, developed by Saascoms.

What is Omnireach?
Omnireach is an innovative, award-winning communication platform that bridges the gap between customers and businesses. It offers a multi-channel approach, allowing customers to communicate through their preferred channels, whether it’s email, chat, phone, social media, or even SMS. This flexibility is vital as customers have varying communication preferences, and Omnireach ensures no customer is left unheard.

Features of Omnireach:
1. Omni-channel Communication: With Omnireach, financial services providers can seamlessly interact with their customers across multiple channels. This integration enables customers to switch between channels without losing the context of their inquiries, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication process.

2. Real-time Response: Customers often seek quick responses to their queries or concerns. Omnireach empowers businesses to provide real-time responses, significantly reducing waiting times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

3. Personalisation: Each customer is unique, and personalised communication can go a long way in fostering a strong customer-provider relationship. Omnireach allows businesses to tailor their messages and interactions based on individual customer profiles, ensuring a more empathetic and relevant approach.

4. Automated Support: To handle a high volume of inquiries effectively, Omnireach offers automated support features. These features include AI-powered chatbots that can respond instantly to common queries, freeing human agents to address more complex issues.

5. Data Analytics: Understanding customer preferences, pain points, and behaviour is crucial for improving services and communication. Omnireach provides in-depth data analytics to financial service providers, enabling them to gain valuable insights into customer trends and feedback.

6. Vulnerable Customer Identification: Saascoms Omnireach was developed to meet the FCA’s requirements to help in identifying vulnerable customers. Saascoms AI engine has monitored and analysed 130m+ conversations and agent responses in the Collections & Arrears environment over the last five years, refining our processing to 93.7% intent and sentiment match success rate.

The Power of Omnireach in Improving Customer Engagement:
By leveraging the capabilities of Omnireach, financial services providers can address the FCA’s Consumer Duty requirements more effectively and go beyond compliance to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Here’s how Omnireach can revolutionise customer engagement:
1. Enhanced Accessibility: Omnireach’s multi-channel approach ensures that customers can easily reach out to their financial services providers through their preferred communication medium, making it easier for the elderly, differently abled, or those with language barriers to access support.

2. Increased Trust and Transparency: Financial service providers can rebuild customer trust by delivering personalised and timely communications. Clear and easily understandable communication will reveal transparency in product offerings and fair value.

3. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Quick and efficient responses to customer inquiries lead to higher satisfaction levels. Omnireach’s real-time response and automated support features help resolve issues promptly, leaving customers more content with their financial service providers.

4. Empowering the Vulnerable: The most vulnerable members of society often struggle with communication challenges. Omnireach’s user-friendly interface and personalised assistance cater to their needs, ensuring they receive the support they require without facing unnecessary obstacles.

5. Building a Positive Reputation: Word of mouth can significantly impact a financial services provider’s reputation. Satisfied customers are likelier to share their positive experiences with friends and family, attracting new customers and fostering loyalty.

While the FCA’s Consumer Duty sets the groundwork for improved communication in financial services, businesses must take the lead in adopting advanced solutions like Omnireach. By leveraging its multi-channel capabilities, real-time responses, personalisation, automated support, and data analytics, financial services providers can deliver exceptional customer experiences that go beyond compliance.

This proactive approach will elevate the industry as a whole, creating a more customer-centric and trustworthy financial services landscape in the UK.

One of our Omnireach clients has been using our service for over 12 months now have recently commented that:

  • Queries answered up 14%
  • Queries resolved up 9%
  • Our digital agents can service approximately 3 times as many accounts as an inbound telephony agent does per
  • Speed of response: Our average inbound call answer time reduced by 33%

Improve your customer engagement with Omnireach and pave the way for a stronger, more resilient, and customer-centric relationship with your customers.

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Keeping in Touch

Well, Q2 has now come and gone, so it is time for another “Inside Edge” blog.
I cannot believe we are now over halfway through 2023!

As I reflect on the past two quarters, I see our team working flat out to maintain the highest level of service to our clients while developing an exciting service roadmap.

But how did Q2 fair to the market demands?
Revenues are equal to the same period in 2022. Depending on the industry, some clients are increasing their activity with us, and some are reducing it. This highlights the importance of client and product/service diversity within any business. Business is a marathon, not a sprint, so we are happy to maintain Q2 revenues, as we forecast Q3 will see healthy growth.

Managing costs is forever tricky, SMS termination costs rose again on June 23, but we have absorbed this increase without passing it on to our client. Perhaps our competitors would have passed this increase on, and maybe this is better for short-term objectives, but we endeavour to build long-term value. This is incredibly important to us!

Royal Mail has announced a 12% increase in bulk letter costs as of October 2023 – a sign of the inflationary times. When you think of the journey from collection to sorting office to Postie to home address, it is an incredible logistical feat for the price of the stamp. That said, if you are sending hundreds of thousands of letters per month, then it becomes a significant operating cost.
If you have not already explored our digital correspondence solution, where you can send a letter or statement by SMS or Email (securely), then I urge you to look – the latest report demonstrated our clients save approx. £ 1 million per month over traditional print/post.

Due to onboarding new clients, we made the conscious decision to let slip the scheduled launch of Jungle Telegraph that I introduced in the Q1 edition. This is now likely towards late Q3 to fit in with the marketing campaign that we have planned.

We have also been busy recruiting the best individuals to work on our latest service offering. For late 2023, Saascoms will develop and offer websites with self-service features aimed directly at Credit & Collections organisations. The portals will be feature-rich, secure and link into secure message/webchat via Omnireach. If you are looking at re-developing your current customer web portal, then Saascoms can assist.

I look forward to catching up at the end of Q3. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy your Summer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – until next quarter…

Kind regards

Celebrating World Emoji Day

The Universal Language of Emojis
From Invention to Global Language.

Today, on World Emoji Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible impact emojis have had on our daily lives and their transformation into a universal language that transcends borders and cultures.

The Birth of Emojis

In the late 1990s, Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese interface designer, pioneered the creation of emojis, blending the Japanese art of pictographs (known as “emojis” in Japanese) with digital communication. Initially, they were intended to convey emotions in a simpler way, adding a touch of personality and context to text-based messages. Little did we know that this humble invention would revolutionise the way we communicate!

Emojis Go Global

With the rise of smartphones and instant messaging, emojis found their way into the hearts and keyboards of people worldwide. It was Apple’s decision to include emojis in the iPhone’s keyboard that catapulted them into the mainstream, making them accessible to millions of users worldwide. Since then, emojis have transcended language barriers, allowing people from diverse cultures to express themselves more vividly and authentically in their digital conversations.

Emojis in Modern Communication

Emojis have gone beyond mere visual embellishments. They have become an essential part of our digital vocabulary, allowing us to convey emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a concise and universally understood manner. From expressing joy and love ❤️ to sadness and surprise, emojis enrich our conversations, making them more nuanced and engaging.

A New Era of Expression

In recent years, emojis have evolved to reflect the diversity and inclusivity of our global society. With a growing collection of skin tones, gender options, and representation of various cultures, emojis now offer a broader spectrum of expression, fostering a sense of belonging and empathy.

The Business Impact

Beyond personal communication, emojis have found their way into marketing campaigns, advertising, and branding strategies. Companies have realised the power of emojis in connecting with their audiences, creating a more relatable and authentic brand image. Emojis add a touch of playfulness, fostering positive customer engagement and enhancing brand loyalty.

Let’s Celebrate World Emoji Day

Today, let’s celebrate the extraordinary journey of emojis and their impact on modern communication. Take a moment to reflect on how emojis have enriched your digital conversations, brought a smile to your face, or helped you express yourself in a unique way. Spread the joy of emojis today and beyond.

Contact us to discuss clear and concise communication with your customers.

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Simplifying the University Clearing Process with Omnireach

As the annual college and university clearing process approaches in the UK, institutions must prepare for the inevitable surge of student enquiries. However, managing the influx of queries and ensuring a seamless experience can be challenging.

That’s where Saascoms Omnireach solution comes into play. This hassle-free and cost-effective cloud-based solution offers a reliable way for colleges and universities to handle the clearing process efficiently, benefiting students and staff.

university clearing process

The Clearing Process: A Stressful Time for All

Every year, after the release of A-level results, thousands of students in the UK participate in the further education clearing process. Clearing provides an opportunity for students who haven’t secured a place at their chosen university to find suitable courses at other institutions. However, the clearing process can be incredibly stressful for students and universities, particularly due to the high volume of enquiries. In 2022, UCAS reported a 38% increase from the previous year, with over 33,280 students securing a place through clearing.

The Strain on University Contact Centres

During clearing, 87% of UK universities reported experiencing call spikes, placing significant strain on their contact centres. Long wait times, dropped calls, and frustrated students are common issues. To effectively manage the high volume of enquiries, universities require a robust clearing system. This is where Saascoms Omnireach product proves invaluable, enabling efficient management of sudden surges while providing relief to overloaded phone lines.

The Rise of Digital Channels

Digital channels have become increasingly popular among students during clearing to alleviate the pressure on contact centres. Web chat and social media platforms have seen substantial growth. In 2021, UCAS reported a 45% increase in students using web chat to contact universities during clearing compared to the previous year. Enquiries received through social media also rose by 62%. These channels allow students to receive real-time answers to questions without enduring long hold times.

Integration of Web Chat and Social Media

Integrating web chat into a university’s clearing platform creates a seamless and user-friendly student experience. It simplifies the clearing interaction, ensuring a hassle-free process. Additionally, universities can utilise social media platforms to provide timely updates, answer questions, and direct students to other channels such as web chat or email. Social media is an excellent tool for engaging students and building lasting relationships.

Saascoms Omnireach Product: Managing Enquiries Efficiently

Saascoms Omnireach product enables universities to manage enquiries across multiple communication channels, including voice, video, email, chat, messaging, and social media. This comprehensive platform combines all channels into a single agent interface, streamlining the clearing process. Additionally, the product offers unlimited scalability, top-level security, and resilience. Universities can benefit from a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Leveraging Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Universities can make informed decisions about staffing levels and resource allocation during clearing by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as call volumes, wait times, and first-call resolution rates. Real-time tracking allows for immediate adjustments and improvements to the clearing process. This data-driven approach ensures efficient management of enquiries and enhances the overall student experience.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Licensing

Saascoms Omnireach product operates on a unique modular, pay-for-what-you-use approach, allowing universities to pay only for what they need, precisely when needed. This flexibility empowers institutions to manage costs effectively during the clearing process.

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