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Real-time language translation for customer service

Breaking Language Barriers with Omnireach: A Truly Global Translation Solution for Customer Service

As the world’s languages become more and more commonplace, Saascoms Omnireach, an AI-driven translation service and global conversationalist, is here to help. Let’s look at the capabilities of Omnireach, which enables businesses to give customer support in real-time in 92 languages.

The Power of Omnireach: Translating the World in Real-Time

Omnireach stands as a testament to the evolution of customer service chatbots. With the ability to translate content into an impressive 92 languages on the fly, this solution opens the door to global customer service, ensuring that language is no longer a barrier between businesses and their customers. Designed to centralise non-voice communications, Omnireach integrates two-way messaging, agent ticketing, and a powerful AI chatbot called ‘Saasbot,’ ensuring easy and productive customer engagement across various platforms.

Saasbot resolves 87.1% of conversations on the first contact, and Saasbot typically resolves 29% of all interactions with a single response.

Seamless Communication Across Borders

The primary benefit of Omnireach lies in its ability to facilitate seamless communication across borders. Customers can engage with chatbots in their preferred language in real time, breaking down language barriers and creating a more inclusive and accessible customer service experience. Omnireach centralises non-voice communications to ensure businesses can efficiently manage web live chat, text messaging, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other social media platform.

Empowering Businesses with Multilingual Capabilities

Omnireach transforms customer service with Saasbot, the powerful multilingual AI tool. Businesses can confidently expand their reach to a global audience, addressing diverse customer bases without the need for manual translation processes. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and consistency in communication. With two-way messaging, agent ticketing, and the AI chatbot, Omnireach manages digital communications effortlessly, offering a comprehensive solution for customer engagement.

Embracing Global Connectivity with Omnireach

Saascom’s award-winning technology is a game-changer for customer service. By seamlessly translating content and centralising non-voice communications, businesses can break free from language limitations and connect with customers through a platform of their choice.

Elevate Your Conversations – Integrate Omnireach Today

Ready to revolutionise your customer service strategy? Embrace the global connectivity offered by Omnireach. Integrate this powerful translation solution into your business today and witness the transformation in customer engagement. Break language barriers and connect with a worldwide audience effortlessly.

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