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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not manage to find the answers to any questions or queries you have, please do not hesitate to make contact with us. A member of Saascoms will always be willing to help and assist you.


  • Who are Saascoms?

    Saascoms is a trading name of Complete Communication Solutions Limited (CCS). It was formed in 2004 by the current Directors with the aim of becoming a small but expert communications company. Now considered to be the UK’s leading digital engagement specialist.

    Recognised as a top 10 power company within the Credit and Collections Technology sector whilst receiving awards for innovations in AI, digital engagement and contact centre solutions within the Credit and Collections industry – voted for by a panel of industry figures.

    Saascoms is ISO27001 accredited, G Cloud 12 accredited and a supplier member of the Credit Services Association.

  • What is 'Mailmaster'?

    Mailmaster is a suite of communication tools that lets you contact customers in a secure environment via SMS, digital letters, email and more.

    Services provided include:

    • One-way SMS broadcasting
    • Secure documents via SMS and or email
    • Mobile landing pages
    • Survey/Info capture design studio to be sent via SMS or Email.
    • Number validation – check the status of a mobile or landline number

    This service is used by over 700 brands for sending digital documents with end-user ID validation, payment journeys, income and expense forms, customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) and more.

  • What is 'Omnireach'?

    Offering two-way messaging with agent ticketing allocation, Omnireach can manage your digital communications, whether it is web live chat, text messaging, Email, WhatsApp, Messenger or any other social media platform.

    The end customer and agent can communicate via the end client’s preferred channel, and the end customer is able to switch between channels during their interaction without the need for re-validating ID.

  • What is a Chatbot and how can I utilise it?

    A ‘Chatbot’ is, in its basic form, a computer program that uses either tags, natural language processing (NLP) or AI (Machine Learning) to understand a customer’s question and automate responses to them.

    Saacomms Omnireach platform offers organisations all the above three forms of ‘Chatbot’. We suggest that this is not used to simulate a human conversation but a feature that can offer operational and customer experience (CX) efficiencies.

    Omnireach’s ‘Chatbot’ is customisable. It can understand the sentiment of your customers’ questions, acknowledging any vulnerability or frustration, the customer can then be immediately handed off to an agent for one-to-one service.

    Alternatively, depending on your customer’s question, the Chatbot can direct the customer to a full resolution, meaning the customer receives a very prompt resolution and your organisation reduces labour costs.

    Simply put, you can offer customers a 24/7/365 feature which will be able to resolve a high proportion of your customers’ inbound queries, without the need for any employee engagement.

  • What are the differences in Chatbot AI?

    Tag processing is keyword recognition. The platform scans for the keyword, and once identified, it generates an automated response or workflow. Very simple to set up and works for basic ‘Chatbot’ requirements.

    Natural Language Processing (NLP):
    More advanced chatbots utilise NLP, which is used to interpret text data, e.g. inbound customer messages. NLP combines computational linguistics (rule-based modelling of human language with statistical, machine learning, and deep learning models).

    NLP ‘understands’ the customers meaning, with analysis of intent and sentiment.

    Machine Learning:
    Machine Learning is generally used in the background of NLP. It is a process of using mathematical models of the NLP data so a ‘Chatbot’ system can learn without direct instruction.

    Machine learning is considered a subset of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Essentially, Machine Learning can read and understand the customer and agent input, by analysing this information over a timeframe, the ‘Chatbot’ will learn how to resolve issues without your instruction.

  • Can Saascoms integrate with my existing CRM for both input and output files?

    Sure. We understand that your systems are integral to your operations. So with that in mind, we can ensure that our platform can take your customer data in the format that your system dictates. Our reporting files are then delivered to you in the same format.

    We can receive and export data via:

    1. Manual upload directly to the platforms
    2. SFTP
    3. API (real-time REST).
  • How secure is my data?

    Very secure!

    Saascoms takes its data security responsibilities very seriously. We are ISO27001 accredited, and our data centre is Microsoft Azure (UK).

    Our services have geo-replication within continuous backup features. Our RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is 60 minutes.

    We have an annual external ISO27001 audit each year, and we are also happy to complete your Infosec questionnaires when required.

  • What is the difference between Tier 1 SMS and cheaper 'grey' routes?

    The industry is full of technical jargon! It is important to understand that not all services are comparable.

    Within text messaging, you have a few different ‘termination’ routes;

    Tier 1 – This is where the text message is routed via genuine, regulated mobile telephone operators, i.e. Vodafone. Each network has agreements with each other to guarantee the integrity of the transmission, and each network has an ‘interconnect’ fee for doing so.

    Grey – Text messages are transmitted outside of Tier 1 mobile networks, usually via smaller foreign mobile service providers. So your data may be sent to a remote foreign network, i.e. Afghanistan, and then back to the UK. It is not ‘illegal’, and you may obtain a cheaper SMS price, but there are risks. The security of your message (content and recipient details) is insecure and can be intercepted, copied and/or altered.

    The sending speed is usually slower (not great for conversational messages or ID verifications), and UK mobile networks implement software that identifies ‘grey routes’ and prevents the messages from being delivered to UK handsets, meaning your delivery rates will be a lot lower than Tier 1.

    It has been known for ‘grey’ suppliers to provide inaccurate/manipulated delivery reports to their clients.

  • What account management/service can I expect?

    Saascomms standard support hours are 8 am until 9 pm MON to FRI and 8 am until 1 pm SAT.

    We grade customer service/support tickets on a P1 to P4 priority rating, P1 being a total loss of service and support is actioned within 30 mins. P4 being noncurrent failures and support SLA is 48hrs. Additional SLA to be discussed and understood in more detail.

    Our service helpdesk is UK based, but we also operate throughout international time zones for our overseas clients. You will have access to email and telephone service desk support for our service desk and an Account Director.

  • How does the service scale in response to increased load (not just from us but all clients)?

    Our platforms are SaaS-based services, within Microsoft Azure.

    Text messages are terminated via Tier 1 mobile network operators.

    Our systems dynamically scale to manage periods of increased volumes. Regardless of any other client activity throughout the day/month, we guarantee your requirements will be sufficiently met.

    We can accept messages within 100ms, with a capacity of 6000 text messages per minute, per client.

  • Can you support our overseas requirements?

    Notifications about scheduled service windows (excluding unplanned/emergency maintenance) will be sent by email to the required distribution list and banner notification in the portal dashboard no less than 10 business days in advance.

    The standard service window is Sunday 5pm and 11pm.

  • Can your process SMS special character (i.e. Unicode)?

    Yes, our platforms can send Unicode and emoji special characters.

    Did you know there is a world emoji day each year? It is July 17th.

    A Unicode character (Universal character coding standard) is a character not found in the GSM-7character set, i.e. emoji or Latin characters.

    Unicode SMS is limited to 70 characters per SMS, whereas GSM-7 is 160 characters.


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