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Well, Q2 has now come and gone, so it is time for another “Inside Edge” blog.
I cannot believe we are now over halfway through 2023!

As I reflect on the past two quarters, I see our team working flat out to maintain the highest level of service to our clients while developing an exciting service roadmap.

But how did Q2 fair to the market demands?
Revenues are equal to the same period in 2022. Depending on the industry, some clients are increasing their activity with us, and some are reducing it. This highlights the importance of client and product/service diversity within any business. Business is a marathon, not a sprint, so we are happy to maintain Q2 revenues, as we forecast Q3 will see healthy growth.

Managing costs is forever tricky, SMS termination costs rose again on June 23, but we have absorbed this increase without passing it on to our client. Perhaps our competitors would have passed this increase on, and maybe this is better for short-term objectives, but we endeavour to build long-term value. This is incredibly important to us!

Royal Mail has announced a 12% increase in bulk letter costs as of October 2023 – a sign of the inflationary times. When you think of the journey from collection to sorting office to Postie to home address, it is an incredible logistical feat for the price of the stamp. That said, if you are sending hundreds of thousands of letters per month, then it becomes a significant operating cost.
If you have not already explored our digital correspondence solution, where you can send a letter or statement by SMS or Email (securely), then I urge you to look – the latest report demonstrated our clients save approx. £ 1 million per month over traditional print/post.

Due to onboarding new clients, we made the conscious decision to let slip the scheduled launch of Jungle Telegraph that I introduced in the Q1 edition. This is now likely towards late Q3 to fit in with the marketing campaign that we have planned.

We have also been busy recruiting the best individuals to work on our latest service offering. For late 2023, Saascoms will develop and offer websites with self-service features aimed directly at Credit & Collections organisations. The portals will be feature-rich, secure and link into secure message/webchat via Omnireach. If you are looking at re-developing your current customer web portal, then Saascoms can assist.

I look forward to catching up at the end of Q3. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy your Summer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – until next quarter…

Kind regards