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Keeping Great Results a Secret

Cost saving, increased efficiency, and improved customer experience: a Saascoms client case study…

The business sectors in which some of our clients work and the sensitive nature in which they have to deal with their customers mean we are not able to reference them when reporting how effective our solutions have been.

For the purpose of demonstrating and being able to shout about the results our clients are telling us about, from here on in, we will call them ClientX.


ClientX has been serving customers for over 40 years, taking a fair, honest, and understanding approach to the emotive subject of debt recovery. Recently, they were looking to improve customer engagement rates, reduce costs, and improve the overall service they offered to both clients and customers.

ClientX said that their main way of getting in touch with people is still through letters, which are expensive, hard to track when they get delivered, and whose open and response rates are all over the place and hard to measure.

At this point, Saascoms was brought in to look at how the customer experience could be both streamlined and enhanced. Following a thorough review and consultation, the Saascoms team helped develop a Digital Contact Solution that would include customer contact through SMS, Email and Digital Letter.

The results were phenomenal and instant. The Saascoms digital customer journey improved the return on investment for ClientX by 8X, a huge cost saving for the business. Customer response rates were also maintained.

Commenting on the partnership, the Managing Director of ClientX said, “We had expected to save some cost, but nothing like the numbers we have seen by working with Saascoms. Customers are happy, clients are happy, and we are happy. In addition, the introduction of digital solutions has the added benefit of being aligned with our environmental goals.

Physical Letters
In one campaign, they sent 22,500 letters at a cost of 73p per letter, for a total cost of £16,425.00. These resulted in 1701 inbound calls, so the cost per inbound call is £9.66 per call. This is per year.

Saascoms Services
119,067 messages are made up of SMS journeys, email journeys, and basic SMS. 38,556 were SMS journeys and charged at 7.5p, and the balance was charged at 2.5p, so the total cost from us is £4716.00. This resulted in 3921 inbound calls, so it cost just £1.20 per call.

Another interesting comparison is to map the spend, i.e., if you spent the same £16,425.00 across the Saascoms services (same blend as above), it would result in 13,686 inbounds compared to 1701 from paper letters, making it more than 8 times more effective as a ROI.

About Saascoms

Saascoms has been developing digital contact solutions for over 20 years, and the Credit and Collections industry is a speciality. Saascom solutions are proven and, as a result, have won several awards, but in the case of ClientX, the results were one of the best ever seen.

Saascoms has been the pioneer of digital letters, digital appointments via SMS, mixed number formatting validation, mobile payment portals, multi-channel communication platforms, and white-label digital solutions.

Saascoms works with organisations to enable customers to make contact over social media, Chat, Email and other non-voice communications. This means customers can contact organisations 24/7/365, and using our advanced AI, many of the queries are solved without needing human intervention. Saascoms software is developed in the UK, which ensures quality and security.

Saascoms supports organisations across the UK, Europe, North America, and Australasia. Clients include Amex, Tesco Bank, Virgin Money, and Shell.

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