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Navigating the Future: UK Government’s AI Regulation Plans

Navigating the Future: UK Government’s AI Regulation Plans

In response to growing concerns about data security, human rights, and safety, the UK Government is taking decisive steps for AI regulation. The crux of these concerns lies in the potential biases AI systems may exhibit, especially when trained on vast datasets from the internet, often riddled with undesirable content such as racism and sexism.

AI Regulation

Saascoms Perspective: Shaping AI for Trust and Adoption

While some argue that regulation might impede technological progress, Saascoms contends it is necessary. We believe that regulatory measures will address the concerns mentioned above and contribute to shaping AI into a constructive force, fostering increased public trust and wider business adoption.

Ensuring Compliance: Beyond Data Control

Saascoms emphasises the importance of utilising controlled datasets to enhance compliance with regulations. However, there are additional factors to consider in the AI landscape.

Safe & Secure: Managing Information Security Risks

Proving effective management of information security risks related to AI, including physical security against hacking and data loss, is crucial. Understanding the origins of datasets, especially those from Large Language Models, adds another layer of significance.

Transparency: Illuminating Decision-Making Processes

Organisations should transparently explain when and how their AI systems make decisions, addressing risks in the process. This transparency should be seamlessly integrated into the compliance function of a business.

Fairness: Aligning with Legal and Ethical Standards

Compliance with UK laws, such as the Equality Act and GDPR, is imperative. It is vital that AI engines do not discriminate, particularly when using open-source data that might not align with GDPR requirements. The focus should be on generating fair outcomes for all.

Accountability: Understanding and Demonstrating Responsible AI Use

Maintaining visibility and oversight regarding AI usage is crucial for compliance. Organisations must comprehend how AI is utilised and regularly assess whether it operates as intended, showcasing accountability for outcomes.

Contestability: Providing Avenues for Dispute Resolution

Establishing a documented process for customers to dispute AI outcomes is essential. This ensures that the AI’s fairness and equality can be stress-tested upon request, contributing to a more robust and accountable system.

Saascoms: Pioneers in Conversational AI

Saascoms, a UK-based conversational AI business, stands at the forefront of digital innovation. Recognised with the Credit & Collections Technology Awards for Artificial Intelligence in 2021 and 2022, Saascoms Mail Master and Omnireach software platforms are trusted by over 700 organisations globally.


As the UK Government takes strides towards regulating AI, it is evident that a comprehensive approach is necessary. Saascoms perspective highlights that considerations such as information security, transparency, fairness, accountability, and contestability are vital for responsible AI development beyond controlled datasets.

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