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Saascoms’ Debt Collection Software: Powering Efficiency & Customer Experience

Saascoms’ award-winning debt collection software – Omnireach and Mailmaster – can streamline operations and improve customer experience in the Credit and Collections industry.

Omnireach, a conversational AI platform, automates tasks, resolves customer inquiries, and identifies vulnerabilities.

Mailmaster facilitates secure communication and self-service options, reducing costs and improving engagement.

The Credit and Collections industry must constantly evolve to keep pace with the way customers want to communicate. To stay ahead, businesses need innovative solutions that optimise processes and prioritise customer experience. Saascoms offers a comprehensive suite of debt collection software solutions designed to address these challenges.

Omnireach and Mailmaster allow debt collection agencies (DCAs) to:

  • Boost Efficiency
    Automate repetitive tasks, streamline communication, and optimise resource allocation.
  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Provide multiple communication channels, self-service options, and personalised interactions.
  • Increase Recovery Rates
    Improve first-contact resolution and offer convenient payment solutions.

Omnireach: Conversational AI for Debt Collection

Omnireach is a powerful AI-powered platform that centralises all non-voice communication channels, including webchat, email, SMS, and social media. At the heart of Omnireach lies Saasbot, a sophisticated AI chatbot trained on a massive dataset of debt collection interactions.

Here’s how Omnireach empowers DCAs:

  • Automates Frontline Tasks
    Saasbot handles routine inquiries, resolves basic issues (such as balance checks, payment confirmations, and requests for statements), and verifies customer identities. This frees up valuable agent time to focus on complex cases and personalised interactions.

  • Understands Customer Intent
    Omnireach utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyse customer sentiment and identify the purpose behind their communication. This allows Saasbot to provide highly accurate responses and route inquiries to the most appropriate agent for faster resolution.

  • Identifies Vulnerable Customers
    Omnireach is equipped to detect signs of vulnerability within customer interactions. This might include language suggesting financial hardship, mental health concerns, or other sensitive situations. When such vulnerabilities are identified, Omnireach seamlessly transfers the conversation to a specially trained agent or provides resources for external support organisations.

  • Multilingual Support
    Omnireach breaks down language barriers by offering real-time translation for customer conversations. Saasbot can translate across 92 different languages, ensuring clear communication and fostering trust regardless of the customer’s native language.

  • Continuous Learning and Improvement
    Omnireach is a continuous learning platform. Agents can contribute to Saasbot’s development by feeding new interactions and responses into the AI engine. This ongoing process ensures that Saasbot stays up to date with evolving communication styles and industry trends.

The results speak for themselves. Statistics show that Omnireach:

  • Resolves up to 72.4% of customer inquiries on the first contact
  • Increases “right party contact” by 64% compared to traditional methods
  • Offers a 93.7% success rate in intent and sentiment matching

Mailmaster: Secure Communication & Self-Service

Mailmaster empowers DCAs to initiate secure, two-factor authenticated communication with debtors. It facilitates a self-service portal accessible via SMS, offering functionalities like:

  • Personalised Settlement Letters
    Customers can access personalised settlement letters with current balance information, account details, and clear next steps.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
    The self-service portal allows secure, partial payments directly through the platform. This reduces reliance on traditional payment methods and streamlines the recovery process for both DCAs and customers.
  • Income and Expenditure Forms
    Customers can conveniently submit income and expenditure forms directly through the portal for streamlined financial assessment. This eliminates the need for lengthy phone calls and manual data entry, improving efficiency for both parties.
  • Branding and Customisation
    The self-service portal can be customised to align with the DCA’s brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent and professional customer experience.

By encouraging self-service options, Mailmaster:

  • Lowers overall collection costs for DCAs
  • Improves customer engagement by offering a convenient communication channel
  • Reduces costs for debtors by providing a cost-effective way to manage their accounts


Saascoms’ debt collection software, Omnireach and Mailmaster, empower DCAs to achieve operational excellence and deliver exceptional customer experiences. With intelligent automation, secure communication and self-service options, Saascoms equips debt collection agencies with the tools they need to maximise customer engagement and results.

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