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Basic SMS

There are many excellent reasons to use SMS to communicate with your customers 

Immediate delivery – SMS is fast and efficient.

Deliver your message content to your audience within seconds. 

  • 90% of all SMS messages are read within 3 minutes, meaning a call to action results are immediate.
  • 40% of consumers report having 50 or more unread emails in their inbox yet only 4% can say the same for inbound SMS. 10% reported over 1000 unread emails!

The difference between the two channels is largely due to messaging filters in place on email applications. Many consumers use email hosting solutions that automatically filter or block promotional emails, making it less likely they will notice a marketing message.

In contrast, messaging is unlikely to be filtered, whether it’s a message through a third-party app such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, or an SMS through the default mobile phone messaging program.

Approximately half of the consumers surveyed have messaged a business; the most common channels used were third-party messaging apps such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or a chat function embedded in a company website.

Saascoms Basic SMS is:

SMS is an affordable method of communication and by far the most direct means of marketing.

Unlike Email where you are fighting against the ever-growing junk and spam filters, the SMS will be received. Also, SMS is trackable, with real-time delivery Management Information being available.

SMS is personal, it is delivered directly to your customer’s mobile phone. The average mobile phone user checks their handset 63 times a day. Choosing an SMS partner that can deliver campaigns for personalisation, allows the SMS communication to grab your audience’s attention.

All mobile handsets can receive an SMS message. There are no ‘special’ apps needed.  SMS is the only communication technology that is harmonised between all mobile operators in the world!

Sasscoms have Tier 1 connections in over 350 countries
We only use Tier 1, on net termination. This means your SMS content is safe and secure, with the highest level of premium routing for maximising delivery.

Virtual short or long numbers are available
Long numbers are 11-digits which enables any customer response to be routed directly to an inbox. Shortcodes are five-digit numbers, often used for TV or Radio marketing campaigns.

SMS Sender ID
Saascoms platform allows you to set your SMS sender name (11 digit AlphaNumeric). This can be different for each campaign.

We allow you to choose Unicode which is a character coding system that allows you to send a much larger range of characters. Often used for foreign language communications or sending technical symbols or emojis. Unicode reduces the number of characters per SMS charge from 160 to 70.

Saascoms platform also has a feature that allows you to load your SMS content and also offers a check on the length of characters being used, so you can understand your SMS charges before you decide to send the communication.

User examples

Field engineers
Example: Uses SMS as a tool to confirm the time/date/location of scheduled appointments for support engineers.

Example: Uses SMS to market weekly job opportunities to their audience, offering a call to action to their website and office.

Financial services
Example: Uses SMS to send verification codes to their customers for secure access to their web portal.

Example: Uses SMS for two-way communication for meter readings (self-serve) and to confirm physical appointments.

Ecommerce and retail
Example: Uses SMS to confirm product orders to customers, and to offer courier delivery status/information.