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Design Suite

Design Suite gives you the ability to create custom-tailored designs for each of your customer contact lists.

This ensures the customer only needs to see information/buttons/links that are relevant to them, making their engagement with you as easy as possible.

Personalisation is extremely important.

  • 80% of consumers say they are more likely to engage with a personalised experience.
  • 65% of consumers say that a positive branded experience is more influential than good advertising.

With Saascoms design Suite you can create a portal page by changing the background, colours, fonts and a host of other design features to change the customer portal in line with your business brand guidelines.


Create and design all at your finger tip

Fully inclusive within the platform, it provides you with the power to create and design your feature-rich SMS communication, all at your fingertips.  No coding knowledge is required, and no development costs are incurred.  

Part of the design suite is our Survey Builder

This allows clients to collect information and design a questionnaire with various answer formats from single or multi-line text boxes, drop-down lists, and multiple-choice and radio buttons. 

Additionally, skip logic can be applied to forward to the next section based on answer completion and if the survey includes financial answers, calculations can be displayed within the survey or the reporting.

Design suite supports

  • Logo
  • Colour (font, lines, buttons, etc)
  • Hyperlinking
  • Single line answers
  • Multi-line answers
  • Dropdown answers
  • Radio buttons
  • Skip logic
  • CSS

Create a branded, bespoke, Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) Example: Send to your clients a survey to ensure feedback on their customer journey.

Create an Income and expenditure form
Where the inputted results are delivered back in a .xlsx/.csv file.

Create a learning and development questionnaire for your employees
Example: This can be sent by SMS and Email, allowing you to gather valuable knowledge on staff training shortfalls, which could then be addressed by your in-house team.

Create an SMS landing page
Example: You have the ability to report property maintenance issues (personal housing/rental). Rather than calling your call centre, your customers can be sent an immediate SMS landing page link will be returned where the maintenance issue can be reported, and date/time allocated for the repair.

Create a bespoke SMS landing page to offer your clients the following:

  • Balance check
  • Affordability calculator
  • Payment option (linked to the Saascom payment portal)