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Secure SMS/Email

Learn how Saascoms can help you scale to new markets, greater volume thresholds, or new channels, including Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Saascoms were the first to market with a solution in sending your normal ‘print and post’ communications by SMS, with a secure identity verification function to ensure the correct person is viewing the document. 

Why did we develop this service?

There were a few factors, but the main one was client feedback. Many of our clients were sending high volumes of letters by the traditional print and post method. This caused a few issues

  • Cost – The cost of sending a second-class letter is 75p (Aug 23).
  • Time – It can take between 3-8 days for the letter to be received.
  • Resource planning – If all the letters are sent and received by their customers within a day of each other, it can cause resource planning issues within the customer call centre.
  • Environmental – CO2e footprint is considerably higher when sending a letter than an email or SMS.   
  • Validation – Unless recorded, it is not possible to prove delivery/receipt.

Secure SMS is a method of including a confidential mail merged Word document to your SMS message.

Embedded in the outbound SMS is a unique URL which takes the recipient to a security page where they confirm their identity.

Once security is approved, they can read or save the letter. Hyperlinks to websites or telephone numbers can be active within the letter to direct the reader to a call to action on your own website or to call your call centre.

Why use this? And what are the advantages:

  • Security – You can send confidential or financial information to a recipient’s phone knowing that it can’t be opened by the wrong person due to layers of verification security required prior to opening.
  • Cost – It is circa 80% cheaper than sending a single page printed letter and even more so when compared to multi-page statements.
  • Tracking – Our time and date stamps record when the message was received, security passed or failed and when the letter is opened and read. 
  • Speed – Sent letters are received on the same day of sending meaning response times are significantly improved over traditional mail.
  • Performance – Champion challenge tests conducted with a number of our clients have shown that digital mail performs equally to that of print and post and as acceptance of digital engagement increases, the balance is most likely to fall in the favour of digital engagement.


Letter templates are loaded in Word mail merge format and converted to pdf when the recipient reads the letter. 

The Saascoms platform does not charge for template design, alteration or hosting and changes to templates can be made without the delay caused by HTML design.

Other providers build templates in HTML format meaning there is a high cost for the original design, alterations and hosting.

Uses include any statement or correspondence where security is essential and can be used by finance institutions, banks, credit card companies, collections companies, motor finance or health agencies who wish to securely communicate information that may be of a confidential or personal matter.

What does it do?

The Saascoms Mailmaster platform holds all your letter/correspondence templates, in the same way, as your own systems or external mail house.

Correspondence design is exactly the same, one page or multiple pages can be sent.  You then provide the raw data file for the variable field input, i.e. name, address, specific service/product details, balances etc.

Any letter/correspondence changes can be made by you, in real-time, there is no development of service required.

From your customer’s perspective, they receive an SMS branded as per your requirements which contains a message contact and a bespoke URL. Once the URL is clicked, the customer is directed to a branded web landing page where identification and verification questions are asked. Once identity verification is successfully completed, the letter/correspondence is downloaded to the smartphone for viewing saving or printing.

Digital letters can be sent by SMS or Email. 

Mailmaster offers full analytics.
SMS timestamps for sent/delivered. 

The unique URL is tracked, meaning the open rate can be monitored as well as read rates on the downloaded correspondence. Saascoms also offer Management Information on identity verification success or failures.

Client A:
FCA regulated – Sends high volume letters to their customer base each month.  Each letter contains confidential information, so identity verification security is paramount to ensure the named person is the only individual who can gain access.  Total monthly cost savings exceed £40,000, RPC’s (right person contact) engagement increased vs traditional print/post by 1.5% 

Client B:
Utility company – Send statements for early arrears customers. Multiple variable information is populated (times/dates/meter readings/volumes/cost per unit) into one statement. Typical statements exceed 10 pages in total.