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Secure Portal

Designed to engage with your customers like a mobile phone app but accessed via a secure link sent by email or SMS.

Did you know 52% of mobile apps are uninstalled within 30 days? 

Continual cost and development for app maintenance, product lifecycles and end customer engagement decline mean that they are no longer the smart choice.  

Customers often want the opportunity to self-serve, at a time that suits them.   

Reports suggest: People are becoming wary of apps that they have no idea how collected data is used and that apps record activity and even movements or by being bombarded with push notifications. 

Additionally, mobile interaction is also considered much more private and personal than a traditional email. Further justification for the trust in mobile would be mobile payments/wallets such as ApplePay where customers enter credit and bank card details, something they are most unlikely to do via email.


Digital journey has a very wide use where clients wish to give their customers the facility to self-serve their account without the need for a mobile app.

On receipt of the message with Saascoms Secure Portal, the recipient is offered a unique one time use URL which takes them to a custom landing page where they are asked to validate their ID. 

Once security is passed, they are presented with a screen which resembles an app allowing them to click buttons to activate the options offered to them. 

Using the Design Suite, this customer interface can be white labelled to match your corporate branding, in font, colour, button design, background watermark etc. The  URL can be optimised to your domain. (Example:

This ‘self-serve’ can be used to impart information or to collect information.

Typical options might be:

  • Read your letter – To read a digital mail merged letter that might include hyperlinks to other websites or telephone numbers
  • Balance check – To provide an up to date account balance
  • Make a payment – Single, differed or scheduled payments made via Opayo (previously SagePay) direct to your merchant account with a full reporting suite
  • Complete a survey – Mailmaster provides a custom survey builder so that you may request information such as a CSAT survey, income and expenditure, contact preference information, fault report (housing association for example), future product interests etc the opportunity for information collection is endless
  • Private – A secure layer can be added to ensure the correct person views the communication
  • Client friendly – No requirement to pre-register on a website allowing seamless transactions

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Mailmaster is designed to engage with your customers like a mobile phone app but accessed via a secure link sent by email or SMS.

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