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SMS Landing Pages

SMS landing pages are easy to create with Saascoms design suite, with no coding required.

Normal SMS is limited to 160 characters. However, by offering a unique URL hyperlink within the SMS content, you can direct users to an optimised web page, adapted for all mobile devices. 

Your landing pages can be feature-rich, with visual images and call to action prompts, whilst giving you real-time analytics, tracking hyperlink open and clicks.

Landing pages can be used for:

  • Informing customers about new products/services
  • Contracts include signature capture
  • Linking to payment capture
  • Lead capture
  • Information capture – For example, income and expenditure capture, customer satisfaction surveys, utility bill readings etc
  • Play an information, sales or explainer video
  • Order confirmations

  • Appointments
  • Birthday/anniversary messages – congratulate your customers and offer discounts and loyalty packages
  • Product recall
  • Newsletters
  • Community information
  • Customer preference
  • Income and expenditure

Examples of how Saascoms clients use landing pages.

Client A:


Client A’s customers are not utilising all of the self-service opportunities offered on their website. 


You can educate customers on what is possible via your website, by sending an SMS directing customers to landing pages displaying how-to guides, explainer videos or FAQ’s.

Client B:


Client B wants to track customer satisfaction levels when engaging with its organisation. Initial contact, ongoing customer support etc.


They can create a satisfaction survey that can be sent to their customers when they reach specific touchpoints in the journey. The results can then be displayed on Trust Pilot.

This provides a fast and efficient information capture to their customers, which is non-intrusive, fully branded, and easily managed. KPI analytics can also be fed automatically back to the business.

Client C:


Client C wants to manage customers who are in credit arrears and needs to contact them in a safe and secure manner. This needs to offer the relevant information (balance, correspondence, affordability/income and expenditure capture and payment options) to ensure a viable customer resolution.


You can send a content-rich landing page, outlining the status of the customer account, i.e. Balance.

It can also offer a link to the Saascoms payment capture, meaning with one outbound SMS, the customer can view and pay their balance via the SMS landing page.