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Banking and Finance

Saascom's technology gives clients a branch-like experience on-demand.

In an increasingly connectedĀ mobile world, customers now expect more than ever to have the ability to communicate in real-time with businesses and business services.

Customers expect similar on-demand experiences from their financial service providers.

With the increasing use of online banking and communications, the number of touchpoints for clients grows, as do worries about security and privacy.

Financial institutions face compliance nightmares while using insecure and unmanaged communication applications.

Saascoms provides a highly secure solution with comprehensive management features to enable the convenience of modern messaging apps while guaranteeing ultimate regulatory compliance.

Mobile lifestyle and a growing digital population are driving individuals away from traditional banking, favouring a digital-only alternative.

In-person banking sessions inconvenience many individuals as they generally lack the time or see it as an imposition on their already busy lives.

As fewer clients visit banks, Saascoms can now support seamless customer communications and, as a result, run branch communications via mobile phones while providing scalability and operational efficiency.

To reach, engage, and communicate with their customers, banks must provide a digital customer experience. These experiences take an omnichannel strategy, combining several digital channels into a cohesive customer experience.

Bank advisers can communicate with their clients in various ways using Saascoms solutions, resulting in client-centric processes.

Improving your digital customer communication experience will benefit your clients in real-time while guaranteeing data privacy.

Our new capabilities enable clients to stay connected when on the move, allowing the banks to respond to client needs quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

With interactive capabilities such as secure messaging, our systems enable just-in-time client assistance and streamline company procedures.

Saascoms Secure Portal ensures high responsiveness from internal teams and performance concerning business objectives. Saascoms enhances operational efficiency while transforming the client experience.

Here are some examples of how Saascoms can help you:

Mobile messaging automations reduce support costs while increasing client satisfaction.

  • Reduce support expenses and friction by empowering consumers to self-resolve issues.
  • SaascomsĀ enables your clients to accomplish more without the need for human interaction, from proactive debt payments to overdraft reminders and much more.

Integrate Saascoms communication suiteĀ into your current technology stack quickly and effortlessly, without requiring IT assistance.

  • You can easily connect to your tech stack, activate your mobile data, and utilise it to power cross-channel marketing campaigns, communication initiatives, and more with our turnkey service.

Collect debt in an ethical and effective manner.

  • Create automated mobile messaging campaigns to provide assistance and information, warn clients of upcoming debits, and encourage proactive payments.
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1-way direction - broadcasting to a customer email/SMS.


We can help

Our technology is designed to get you results quickly. Improve your customer engagement and create a stronger, more resilient, and customer-centric relationship with your customers.

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2-way multi-channel coms via an AI web