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Proven customer engagement.

As utility customers are finding it increasingly difficult to make payments on their energy bills, and costs rising rapidly showing no signs of slowing down, more and more energy consumers are finding themselves in energy debt.

Many utility companies have understaffed debt collection teams and rely on other organisations to cover the gaps. Some utility companies do not have dedicated collections staff and instead assign the work to generalist call-centre representatives, who may not have the necessary training to analyse a client’s circumstances and provide the best settlement choice.

Collections work is frequently divided among many departments or operating firms, which may result in fragmentation, a lack of scalability, and inconsistent an approach.

This makes establishing clear ownership of credit risk throughout the customer life cycle and maintaining an adequate supply of credit and risk management employees very difficult. As a result, inefficient operating models emerge.

In addition to managing customer communication for payments and debt, the Saascoms communication suite can be used for notifying customers about service interruptions.

Reduce contact centre call volumes by informing customers of downtime and maintenance work status via SMS, RCS, or WhatsApp.

Saascoms provides utility companies with a customer communication strategy which allows them to effectively interact with their consumers, create trust, minimise churn, and improve their return on investment.

Resolve your communication issues with a provider who understands the utility business.

We are experts in consumer communications, so you don’t have to be. We understand the utility business and the communications difficulties you encounter. Our team can customise your service to meet your demands, providing you with innovative mobile messaging solutions that offer consistent results.

In addition to customer communication Saascoms technology can be configured for internal communications, allowing for real-time updates with all employees.

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1-way direction - broadcasting to a customer email/SMS.


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Our technology is designed to get you results quickly. Improve your customer engagement and create a stronger, more resilient, and customer-centric relationship with your customers.

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2-way multi-channel coms via an AI web