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Third Sector/Charities

Reach new supporters, keep and grow your base

Many charities solicit donations from the public. They rely on public kindness, a continuing characteristic of any society, to allow them to carry out their crucial task of assisting those in need.

Saascoms technology effectively engages people considering making donations.

From creating SMS marketing campaigns to monitoring user engagement through donation confirmation, we can help ensure the best possible outcome for your charity at a fraction of the cost of physical letters and brochures.

Saascoms will help you reach and engage new potential supporters, retain, and expand the impact of your existing supporter base and streamline your processes to operate more efficiently.

Saascoms communication solutions are perfect for charities and non-profit organisations to communicate with stakeholders and donors easily and cost-effectively while reducing the time it takes to get results.

You no longer need to contact or write to donors about corporate news or potential gifts, thanks to our SMS solutions.

Instead, you can communicate with each stakeholder group using a single text message campaign. As a result, you will be able to use the time you previously spent on calls or typing letters about other aspects of your organisation.

Saascoms helps organisations communicate more effectively with their employees and volunteers by providing messaging solutions that can be used for everything from internal news to crisis communications.

Here are some examples of how charity and non-profit organisations can use SMS:

Promote fundraisers

Incorporate SMS attachments or short URL’s into your mass communications to promote your mobile fundraising page.

Manage volunteers

SMS has a high operational value because it allows you to swiftly coordinate and recruit more volunteers for your charity fundraisers.

Simply say “Thank you.”

Using mail merge templates, and bulk SMS, you can immediately send hundreds of promotional and ‘thank you’ texts.

Respond automatically

By creating automation rules, you may respond promptly to SMS donations and enquiries about your charity activities.

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1-way direction - broadcasting to a customer email/SMS.


We can help

Our technology is designed to get you results quickly. Improve your customer engagement and create a stronger, more resilient, and customer-centric relationship with your customers.

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2-way multi-channel coms via an AI web