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Digital Calendar

Similar to sending an Outlook calendar invite, Saascoms Digital Calendar service lets you do this by populating your customer’s smartphone diary via SMS.

Rather than sending multiple basic SMS reminders for appointments, you can send one ‘Digital Calendar’ SMS.

Digital Calendar allows you to include more than a normal basic SMS. 

For example, include the time/date/location of the meeting. Include any other notes, i.e. reference numbers, parking information, contact information etc.

Your customer’s smartphone will prompt them about the calendar entry as a time/date set by you i.e. the day before, 2 hours before or 15 minutes before.

Client A:

Uses ‘Digital Calendar’ to remind their customers of monthly payments due. 

They provide their account reference number, contact telephone number, web address and the day on which the payment is due. 

By sending this once a payment plan is set, the end customer is provided with a silent reminder by their own smartphone, rather than intrusive multiple text messages.

Client B:

Gives their customers a nudge with automated meeting reminders

Approximately 22% of the pre-arranged home appointments are ‘no shows’ because people have simply forgotten the date/time. 

By implementing a ‘Digital Calendar’ the time/date of the appointment is sent and populated to the customer’s smartphone. 

The time/date, name of the sales representative and contact details are provided. A reminder is set for the day before the agreed appointment date. 

Their customers now have set home visit appointments to discuss the companies’ products.

Since implementation, ‘no shows’ have fallen by 16%!


Client C:

A vehicle maintenance (MOT, tyres, servicing) organisation uses Digital Calendar as a marketing tool. 

By offering key reminders i.e. MOT due date, servicing schedule reminders, including winter checks, direct to their customer’s smartphone. 

It has increased repeat business, missed appointments and upsell opportunities whilst offering a fantastic customer journey.