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Number Validation

Phone number validation is the process of checking the validity of both landline and mobile numbers.

Saascom’s number validation process is fast and efficient, offering you information on whether a landline is ‘live’ and will accept incoming calls. 

Mobile numbers are validated against the mobile network Home Location Register (HLR) and will confirm if a mobile number has been active within the last 72 hours. 

Number validation improves the quality of your contact lists by revealing if the number is assigned and active and it is the most accurate way of pre-qualifying contact numbers ahead of dialling. 

Saascoms portal allows both mobile and landline numbers to be uploaded within a single mixed file. For UK numbers you can also add our optional Telephone Preference Service (TPS) screening.

Number validation is designed to save time, cost and increase efficiencies in any outbound call centre environment.

With Saascoms number validation report, your provided with 3 status values:

  • Bad (will never take a call) – This can be due to the upload value being incorrect, missing digits or if the number is reported disconnected by the hosting provider.
  • Good (Can be called) – The provider has reported the number as active e without restriction.
  • Good but temporarily unavailable – This is a correct value and a registered number but is currently unavailable for several reasons such as it has a temporary network bar on it for example.

By validating your number estate, you achieve the following:

  • Lower cost – Number validation itself is a very low-cost service and by validating your number you avoid the cost of sending higher value communications e.g. digital letters (much higher cost than validation) to numbers that will not be able to receive them.
  • Increased efficiencies for outbound dialling – any call centre using a predictive outbound dialler will benefit from considerable efficiency increases by having a ‘clean’ number data input.

Saascoms solution can accept uploads for both landline and mobile numbers in a mixed format for checking. 

Normally validation suppliers have to sort and split these into separate uploads

Number validation is essential in ensuring you are actually able to make contact with your intended customer.

Saascoms validation checks:

  • Mobile (UK and International) and UK landline checks on one file load.
  • Landline check to show if the telephone can take an inbound call.
  • Mobile checked against mobile network operator and Home Location Register to see if the handset has been live within the last 72 hours.