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Omnireach is quite simply the ultimate messaging ‘Chat’ platform.

Why choose Omnireach?

Designed to centralise all forms of non-voice communications into one screen, making your customer engagement easy and productive.  

Offering two-way messaging with agent ticketing allocation, Omnireach can manage your digital communications, whether it is web live chat, text messaging, Email, WhatsApp, Messenger or any other social media platform.

Rapid deployment and set-up within 2-3 days, meaning minimal involvement for your internal IT department.

Streamline digital conversations

Omnireach can streamline digital conversations by either allocating to ‘live’ agents based on decision science/workflows or self-serving via AI Chatbot responses.

Chatbot information can be obtained from your CRM data, ensuring the Chatbot is working hard for you to deliver useful information to your customers in real time.

Examples of how this may be used include Chatbot actioning an identity and verification of the customer before sensitive information is given or the chat is passed to a live agent or a simple payment/balance query.

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AI Saasbot

Our AI Chatbot (Saasbot) uses natural language processing, reading the chat and assigning actions/workflows and responses based on intent.  This ensures the correct automated responses are given to the customer.  

87.1% of conversations engaging with the Saascoms Collection & Arrears AI Chatbot are resolved on the first contact. Omnireach may be configured so that at any time during the chat, your customer can request to be connected to a live agent. 

Omnireach offers an always-on approach with Chatbot 24/7 operational hours and a host of tools, including CRM data sharing, natural language processing, spelling assistance for agents, chat ticketing and assignment for agents and queue set-up.

Queue set-up allows the different clients to be allocated to different queues/campaigns – ideal for multi-team or Business Process Outsourcing organisations.