• 08 Jan, 2024

    Inside Edge No.5

    I want to thank all our clients, suppliers, and partners for their support in 2023. 2023 was a hugely successful year at Saascoms, benchmarked across several business metrics. We increased overall annual revenues by 37% against a backdrop of stagnant economic growth in the UK. We have onboarded fantastic new clients and maintained a 100% […]

  • 30 Nov, 2023

    Navigating the Future: UK Government’s AI Regulation Plans

    Navigating the Future: UK Government’s AI Regulation Plans In response to growing concerns about data security, human rights, and safety, the UK Government is taking decisive steps for AI regulation. The crux of these concerns lies in the potential biases AI systems may exhibit, especially when trained on vast datasets from the internet, often riddled […]

  • 08 Nov, 2023

    Keeping Great Results a Secret

    Cost saving, increased efficiency, and improved customer experience: a Saascoms client case study… The business sectors in which some of our clients work and the sensitive nature in which they have to deal with their customers mean we are not able to reference them when reporting how effective our solutions have been. For the purpose […]

  • 02 Nov, 2023

    The Rise and Fall of Customer Support

    The Erosion of Customer Support in Online Transactions In a digital age, where convenience and efficiency drive consumer choices, online transactions have become the norm. Whether it’s insurance policies, holiday bookings, or interactions with utility companies, the virtual business is bustling with activity. However, this shift has also brought forth a significant challenge in the […]

  • 18 Oct, 2023

    Inside Edge 4

    Autumn has arrived, meaning Q4 is in progress. The weather is changing, and realistically, we only have a couple of months before 2023 will be finished. You may recall that in my last issue, I mentioned that our revenues remained static against the previous year’s Q3 period, but I also predicted that Q3 would see […]

  • 27 Sep, 2023

    Digital Letters: Beat the rising cost of postage and print

    Royal Mail prices are set to go up by 14% (another 15p to £1.25) this weekend. Isn’t it time you looked at the alternatives? If your organisation still relies on physical letters to communicate with your customers and you are frustrated by the cost, delivery mechanism, and response rates, we can help. Saascoms Digital Letters […]

  • 20 Sep, 2023

    Saascoms 2023 Credit & Collections Technology Awards Shortlist

    It’s that time of year again when we dust off the Tux for the next round of awards ceremonies. We have been shortlisted for 7 categories in this year’s Credit & Collections Technology Awards.   Saascoms have been shortlisted for seven of the categories they entered in the 2023 Credit & Collections Technology Awards. The […]

  • 01 Aug, 2023

    Enhancing Communication for Financial Services Consumers

    Improve Customer Engagement with Omnireach: Enhancing Communication for Financial Services Consumers A recent report from the UK’s financial watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has highlighted a concerning issue – a staggering 7.4 million consumers were unsuccessful in their attempts to contact their financial services providers in the 12 months leading up to May 2022. […]

  • 24 Jul, 2023

    Keeping in Touch

    Well, Q2 has now come and gone, so it is time for another “Inside Edge” blog. I cannot believe we are now over halfway through 2023! As I reflect on the past two quarters, I see our team working flat out to maintain the highest level of service to our clients while developing an exciting […]

  • 17 Jul, 2023

    Celebrating World Emoji Day

    The Universal Language of Emojis From Invention to Global Language. Today, on World Emoji Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible impact emojis have had on our daily lives and their transformation into a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. The Birth of Emojis In the late 1990s, Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese […]