• 09 Apr, 2024

    The Comms Summit

    Saascoms and Credit Today have assembled an expert panel to discuss trends in the industry over the next year and how they may affect your organisation. Learn how technological, socio-economic, and regulatory changes will impact you. It’s free to attend The Comms Summit, and it will be an hour well spent for anyone wanting to […]

  • 04 Apr, 2024

    The Impact of Royal Mail’s Proposal to Scrap Daily Deliveries on Small Businesses: Embracing Digital Alternatives

    Navigating Royal Mail’s Proposal: The Impact on Small Businesses Royal Mail’s recent proposal to scrap daily deliveries for second-class post has sent shockwaves through the business community, particularly among small firms that heavily rely on postal services. This drastic cut could significantly impact businesses, forcing many to reconsider their communication strategies and seek alternatives. Scrapping […]

  • 18 Mar, 2024

    Happy Birthday to Us.

    As Saascoms marks its 20th anniversary, it’s a momentous occasion for the company and all those who have been part of its remarkable journey. Over the past two decades, Saascoms has achieved remarkable milestones, transforming from a start-up into a global award-winning Digital Contact Strategy Solutions supplier.  Throughout our 20-year journey, Saascoms has remained at […]

  • 27 Feb, 2024

    Do you send bulk emails? Read on if you want to stay compliant…

    Google is tightening up security to reduce spam, phishing, and malware. This may affect you if you send bulk emails to prospects and customers. But don’t worry, this blog will help you become compliant and continue to use bulk emails as an effective communications tool. Firstly, just what is Google doing? In a nutshell, it’s […]

  • 08 Jan, 2024

    Inside Edge No.5

    I want to thank all our clients, suppliers, and partners for their support in 2023. 2023 was a hugely successful year at Saascoms, benchmarked across several business metrics. We increased overall annual revenues by 37% against a backdrop of stagnant economic growth in the UK. We have onboarded fantastic new clients and maintained a 100% […]

  • 30 Nov, 2023

    Navigating the Future: UK Government’s AI Regulation Plans

    Navigating the Future: UK Government’s AI Regulation Plans In response to growing concerns about data security, human rights, and safety, the UK Government is taking decisive steps for AI regulation. The crux of these concerns lies in the potential biases AI systems may exhibit, especially when trained on vast datasets from the internet, often riddled […]

  • 08 Nov, 2023

    Keeping Great Results a Secret

    Cost saving, increased efficiency, and improved customer experience: a Saascoms client case study… The business sectors in which some of our clients work and the sensitive nature in which they have to deal with their customers mean we are not able to reference them when reporting how effective our solutions have been. For the purpose […]

  • 02 Nov, 2023

    The Rise and Fall of Customer Support

    The Erosion of Customer Support in Online Transactions In a digital age, where convenience and efficiency drive consumer choices, online transactions have become the norm. Whether it’s insurance policies, holiday bookings, or interactions with utility companies, the virtual business is bustling with activity. However, this shift has also brought forth a significant challenge in the […]

  • 18 Oct, 2023

    Inside Edge 4

    Autumn has arrived, meaning Q4 is in progress. The weather is changing, and realistically, we only have a couple of months before 2023 will be finished. You may recall that in my last issue, I mentioned that our revenues remained static against the previous year’s Q3 period, but I also predicted that Q3 would see […]

  • 27 Sep, 2023

    Digital Letters: Beat the rising cost of postage and print

    Royal Mail prices are set to go up by 14% (another 15p to £1.25) this weekend. Isn’t it time you looked at the alternatives? If your organisation still relies on physical letters to communicate with your customers and you are frustrated by the cost, delivery mechanism, and response rates, we can help. Saascoms Digital Letters […]