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Do you need help with managing all your non-voice communications?

Do you need help with managing all your non-voice communications?

As winners of the ‘Contact Centre Solution’ category at the 2022 Credit & Collections Technology Awards, we would like to share why we won this category.

The Awards were launched in 2017 to reward technological innovation within the industry. The Awards highlight the success of companies and individuals who lead the way in enhancing customer communication technology.

Saascoms Omnireach chat platform can be utilised across any sector where you have multiple communication channels with your customers. Whether retail, banking & finance or the energy sector, Omnireach simplifies and manages all comms through its AI-driven solution.

The Omnireach messaging ‘Chat’ platform is designed to centralise all forms of non-voice communications into one screen, making your customer engagement easy and productive.
Offering two-way messaging with agent ticketing allocation, Omnireach can manage your digital communications, whether it is live web chat, text messaging, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or any other social media platform.

A digital assistant undertakes the frontend ‘heavy-lifting’, responding to FAQs without agent interaction. Additionally, the AI can verify the customer to offer more in-depth responses or hand over to an agent queue pre-validated. The purpose is to streamline communications, expedite resolutions and give customers a 24/7 self-serve support function, improving the customer journey and experience.

  • The customer can communicate 24/7 via their preferred channel, switching between them during their interaction without needing to re-validate their ID.
  • Our clients report an increase in their collections of over 10% and a lower cost base than traditional telephony engagement by allowing customers to communicate via their preferred route.

Omnireach has an API integration function compatible with leading dialler technology, meaning agents can blend between voice and digital conversations, allowing contact centre management flexible resource planning.

The AI can understand customer requests by analysing conversations using sentiment, key phrases, and natural language processing (NLP). The chatbot detects nuances in a customer’s message, and by machine learning, it becomes progressively smarter with each conversation to resolve up to 42% of all requests without human involvement.

Omnireach provides agents with a single view of all digital Omni channels, giving them a clear and straightforward window to all outstanding enquiries, making it easy for them to self-assign conversations and assist customers promptly. To further assist the agents, they have access to customer profiles, spelling and grammar support, previous conversational history, foreign language translation, customer interaction history and library responses.

  • 89% of all consumers polled in 2021 suggest they prefer to communicate with organisations via messaging and other forms of digital engagement.
  • Saascoms chat bot is able to read the chat and assign action according to business requirement, and intent & sentiment.

The Omnireach AI Chatbot has been trained using hundreds of thousands of client interactions. Saascoms ‘collections’ AI engine has monitored and analysed over 100 million conversations and agent responses over the last four years to ensure conversational intent matching is extremely accurate. It is fully scalable from 1 agent to 1000+ agents.

Sentiment and request analysis allows the AI to tag conversations processed by the tag action programming or workflow pattern. This conversation analysis means that when the bot functionality is exhausted, the AI routes the message to a dedicated queue such as the ‘Vulnerability Queue’. This identification ensures that if a customer conversation is vulnerable, it is routed to a dedicated queue and a team of agents. Other queue routing can be actioned based on sentiment, request, account number, or location, for example.

This advanced, analytics-driven intelligence defines a collections strategy and customer journey. This offers a single point of resolution via self-service and creates a more personal response.

  • Q1 2022 stats show 72.4% of conversations utilising Saascoms Collection and Arrears Chatbot are resolved on the first contact.
  • Two-way messaging has resulted in a ‘right party contact’ increase across energy and telecoms clients of 64% (compared to traditional voice and non-conversational messaging).
  • From April 2021 to April 2022 saw 38 million+ conversations activated across Omnireach from Collection based organisations.

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