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Credit Communications – A Guide to best practice for Councils, Utilities and Telecoms.

Local authorities, utilities and telecoms businesses are facing a tougher challenge collecting revenues from customers in the current economic climate.

A change of mindset from debt recovery to customer support may benefit organisations wishing to get paid on time.

At the same time, new possibilities afforded by technology and data mining enhancements offer an opportunity to rethink communication strategies to provide real-time, flexible, customer-friendly and far more effective engagement and recovery strategies.

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The first Saas Comms customer communications report is a joint venture between Saascoms and Credit Today, exploring debt recovery communications strategies principally for local authorities and utility firms.

It includes:

  • New opportunities are available to support business growth.
  • Insights and new ideas within the collections industry.
  • How to improve digital communications systems for customers.
  • How to build better relationships with debtors leading to an improved collection.
  • How to obtain and use new data sources.
  • Sharing of improvement strategies.
  • How to manage debt collection agency relationships, now and in the future.
  • The use of technology in collections.
  • How key suppliers in the industry are developing.

Paul Nield, Saascoms

“89% of all consumers polled in 2021 suggest they prefer to communicate with organisations via messaging and other forms of digital engagement.”


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