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Paul Nield, the CEO and Founder of Saascoms, to sit on Mobile News Awards 2023 Judging Panel

Mobile News Awards 2023

Paul Nield, the CEO and founder of Saascoms, is honoured to have been selected as one of the esteemed judges for the Mobile News Awards 2023.

As a leader in the mobile technology industry for more than two decades, Paul has seen first-hand how much Mobile News Awards has done to recognise and celebrate excellence in innovation within this sector. With great pleasure, he will be able to lend his experience and knowledge to Mobile News Awards 2023’s judging panel.

“I’m really proud to be chosen as a Mobile News Award 2023 judge,” said Paul. “It’s an honour to work alongside such experienced professionals from across the mobile industry.”

We at Saascoms are excited to see what the Mobile News Awards brings and can’t wait to see who takes home the top honours this year. Good luck to all nominees!

Paul and Saascoms would like to thank Mobile News for the opportunity they have provided him with. We look forward to supporting the awards in its endeavours.

With his invaluable experience, Paul is sure to be an asset on the Mobile News Award 2023’s judging panel. It is clear that Mobile News Awards will benefit greatly from his input. We wish Paul luck as he helps support this fantastic event and celebrates innovation within the mobile industry.

We at Saascoms are proud of Paul’s involvement in Mobile News Awards and the impact that he and Mobile News Awards will have on this sector. We hope that with Paul’s help, Mobile News Awards will continue to recognise excellence in innovation throughout the mobile technology industry.

We congratulate Mobile News Awards for their selection of Paul Nield as one of the judges, and we know that this year’s awards are poised to be an amazing event! Good luck to all nominees!

We wish Mobile News every success this year. We look forward to celebrating with them when they announce the winners!

For more information on how Saascoms currently works within the mobile sector get in touch with Paul or any of the Saascoms Team.

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