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Number Checking: Saascoms ensures every number counts

Saascoms Number Lookups Service: Ensuring Accurate and Reliable Connections

Understanding Home Locator Region (HLR) Technology

Number Lookup Service

When communicating with customers via messaging and SMS, accurate and reliable connections are paramount. Saascoms understands the frustration and cost of inaccurate phone numbers that waste time and resources. To combat this, Saascoms employs Number Lookups Service – Home Locator Region (HLR) technology, a sophisticated method for validating phone numbers.

What is HLR Technology?

Home Locator Region (HLR) technology is a powerful tool used in the telecommunications industry. It allows businesses to check the validity and availability of phone numbers in real time. Essentially, HLR technology verifies whether a phone number is active, reachable, and capable of receiving calls or messages. HLR ensures businesses are not wasting resources on invalid or disconnected numbers when trying to contact their customers.

Saascoms Approach: Number Validation – Accuracy and Efficiency

Saascoms offers a Number Validation service that takes the power of HLR technology to the next level. Understanding that data accuracy is crucial, Saascoms implements a rigorous validation process. Saascoms can take a list of phone numbers and ask the system to conduct HLR lookups to verify their authenticity. Saascoms technology is capable of checking lists of both landline and mobile numbers at the same time.
Landlines are checked by sending a silent ISDN Cause Code via the landline to the end-point. The ISDN Cause Code is sent without a “ringtone” code, which means it is silent and unobtrusive to the end user. This is how landline companies check telephone lines for maintenance purposes.

Resubmission for Guaranteed Validity

Saascoms doesn’t stop at a single validation attempt. Recognising that some providers can return “null” responses, which could simply mean they cannot check the number at that moment in time, Saascoms resubmits numbers up to four times. This meticulous approach ensures that every number is thoroughly tested. If a number is found to be invalid or unable to take calls, it is promptly flagged, saving businesses from wasted time and resources.

Challenging the Industry Norm: Companies That Don’t Validate

Surprisingly, some companies in the SMS service industry do not prioritise number validation. Despite sending texts in bulk, these companies need to pay more attention to ensuring that the recipient numbers are accurate. As a result, they end up charging their clients for messages that might never reach the intended recipients due to invalid numbers. This practice not only wastes resources but also damages the sender’s reputation.

Saascoms – Your Partner in Reliable Communication

In a world so reliant on digital messaging, Saascoms ensures accuracy and reliability. Our state-of-the-art Number Lookups service utilises Home Locator Region (HLR) technology and ISDN Cause Codes, guaranteeing that your messages reach the correct recipients every time. By resubmitting and validating numbers multiple times, we save you from the frustration of inaccurate data, ensuring that your communication efforts are effective and impactful.

Choose Saascoms as your communication partner and experience the confidence that comes with knowing your messages are reaching the right audience every time.

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