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How to increase your collection of final payments

“Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves,” they say.

Collecting small amounts of a final balance has recently been a major difficulty for utility companies.

Previous techniques for pursuing this type of payment entailed either sending a printed letter reminder or having a call centre agent contact the customer, but this raises two major issues.

The first is that if customers being chased had moved home, the communication would go unanswered. The second reason is that the cost of sending a paper letter or making a phone call would more than often outweigh the value of the sum owed.

If you’re looking for:

  • A technique that encouraged courteous, fair, and non-intrusive consumer communication.
  • A system that employs mobile-focused, intelligent, self-service technologies to improve consumer convenience while lowering service costs.
  • A new process that can replace any reliance on outbound activity from internal or external customer service.
  • A cost-effective solution based on the contact information available, with the option to automatically transition between communication channels.

…Saascoms has the answer

You can achieve all of the above while taking care of your customers’ needs and providing clear savings to your utility business by using Mailmaster to collect outstanding payments through mobile with a combination of communication channels, including SMS, email, outbound voice, and your own branded mobile web app.

How do we go about doing this?

Using Mailmaster, we can assist you in automatically choosing the optimal channel and message to send to each customer based on available contact information, the amount owing, and the reason for leaving, among other variables.

Your consumers can choose from various self-service payment solutions, including a dedicated mobile payment portal.

If an SMS message does not elicit a response, another channel, such as email, can be automatically sent. (Messages are automatically terminated if a successful outcome is achieved).

Clear, simple benefits

By implementing a digitally-driven strategy, you can eliminate the need for traditional paper correspondence and potentially reduce lengthy call volumes.

Increase payments by quickly and conveniently installing a payment platform that allows your customers to pay off their outstanding debts while on the move.

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