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6 stages in your delivery process that require SMS messages

6 stages in your delivery prcess that require SMS Messages

Customers nowadays want transparency.

When it comes to online shopping, people not only demand speedy and free delivery, but they also want to know where their items are and when they will arrive. They anticipate that the retailer of their choosing will keep them informed at every stage of the delivery procedure.

While branded emails efficiently communicate updates, SMS order alerts enable retailers and etailers to contact customers in high-priority, time-sensitive circumstances along the delivery journey.

When should e-commerce companies use SMS messages during delivery?

Order and Order processing Phase

1. Send order confirmations

With an ‘order confirmation’ SMS, ensure clients are kept up to date on their order status. This prevents customers from contacting your customer care department to inquire whether their order has been confirmed.

Pickup and Transit Phase

2. Inform customers about an impending problem.

Don’t rely on carriers to communicate updates or communication that requires action by the recipient, such as changing the delivery address or rescheduling delivery times. Send an SMS to receive timely responses. Furthermore, messages made by companies during the delivery path drive up to 70% of buyers to return to the online store for a repurchase. This represents a sizable portion of economic potential.

3. Set expectations

You may rapidly notify customers about a potential problem with an SMS. This guarantees that the consumer is informed before the situation arises, avoiding any unfavourable thoughts about the delivery experience.

Delivery and Collection Phase

4. Ensure delivery success

SMS is effective since it can be delivered in the customer’s timezone. While clients know the day their parcel will arrive, remind them to be at home shortly before delivery. This decreases customer discontent, missed deliveries, and additional logistics expenses.

5. Send collection reminders

Trigger SMS messages only for important updates, such as reminders to collect items from self-collection locations or parcel lockers. Delivering this information at the appropriate moment is critical to customer satisfaction.

Returns Phase

6. Make returns simple.

The return process is sometimes neglected as a chance to retain clients and exceed expectations. A positive return experience might inspire clients to stay loyal to the company and prompt repurchases. Send an SMS to notify your customers that their returns have been confirmed and that their refund is being handled, so they don’t have to wonder while waiting.

With Saascoms configurable notification triggers, you can personalise SMS communication and precisely time it to impress clients and reduce unhappiness. Create memorable brand interactions with an improved delivery experience for your business.

Learn more about the potential of Saascoms Mailmaster SMS notifications for your brand to give an exceptional delivery experience.


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