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Say Goodbye to Shared Inboxes: The Benefits of an Email Management SaaS Solution

Are you still using a shared email inbox? If so, you’re not alone. Most organisations do, despite its inefficiencies and security risks. With Saascoms award-winning solutions, you can say goodbye to shared inboxes and hello to a conversational platform that manages all your customer interactions, including email, live chat, text messaging, WhatsApp, and Messenger, on one agent screen.

The Drawbacks of Shared Inboxes

According to a recent study, 76% of customers prefer to engage with companies without calling them up, with 26% preferring email as their top choice of communication. However, most organisations still share an inbox, which leads to wasted agent time, disorganisation of customer information, miscommunication, security worries, and lack of MI/insights/analytics.

Wasted agent time: With a shared inbox, you cannot assign emails or check the status of a customer request within a ticket. You have to spend time forwarding emails and messaging co-workers, which takes away from other important tasks.

Disorganisation of customer information: Shared mailboxes are inconvenient because generic inboxes do not automatically pull and display past conversations (or customer information). This leads to agents being uninformed or repeating themselves, which can frustrate customers.

Room for miscommunication: While wasted agent time is a significant loss, poor customer satisfaction is a more serious implication of “shared inbox management.” Miscommunications can easily occur when multiple agents are handling the same email thread.

Security worries: Multiple users sharing a mailbox increases the likelihood of a data breach. Even if everyone is trustworthy, there’s always a risk that someone could accidentally delete an email or intentionally access sensitive information.

Lack of MI/Insights/Analytics: How do you easily monitor the average email response time, individual agent performance, peak times of inbound emails, and more? With a shared inbox, it’s difficult to gather meaningful insights and analytics that can improve your operations and customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of an Email Management SaaS Solution

With Saascoms, you can benefit from an email management solution without the drawbacks of a shared inbox. Our conversational platform allows you to:

Bulk assign emails to specific agents, allow “last in, first assigned” functions or agent self-assign. All within a searchable, traceable ticketing system. No more wasted time!

Link all past emails in a conversation history, view attachments (or restrict them), and present a feed of customer information to the agent. This ensures that agents are informed and can provide personalised and efficient service.

Get browser alerts, SLA queues, and plain or HTML email library responses. Spell and grammar checks, language translation, and tag-based routing ensure the emails go to the right departments.

Generate a full transcript report. Quality/compliance audit functions, search based on date/agent/keyword/queue, and each user is logged and reported. This ensures that you have complete control over your operations and can identify any areas for improvement.

Get a full suite of MI. Reporting on emails received vs sent, average response time, longest wait, agent status, peak time metrics, and more. This allows you to monitor your operations and customer satisfaction and make data-driven decisions to improve your business.

Upgrade to Saascoms, and you’ll get not only an email management solution but also a full suite of conversational platforms.

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